Beijing Global Baili Education Technology Co., Ltd.

 Beijing Global Gabriel Education Technology Co., Ltd., with its study abroad business as its core, provides a total solution for overseas students.

Beijing Global Gabriel Education Technology Co., Ltd. has strong international education resources and is committed to meeting the needs of users to go abroad to read famous schools, improve hardware conditions, and extend the examination business abroad. Enhance the software background and extend the social practice business. Focus on follow-up services for studying abroad and extend overseas service business.

Global Bailey high-end study abroad

Focus on high-end applications and lead quality study abroad. It is mainly engaged in business consultation, study abroad planning, study abroad application and study visa for US, Canada, UK and Australia. Through the experienced faculty team and scientific and reasonable professional subdivision, the students of different backgrounds are provided with the overall solution for studying abroad, namely, background improvement + high-end direct application, and the era of studying abroad 4.0 is opened.

Global Gabriel abroad exam

Study abroad in depth and create a high score legend. Adhere to the professional fields of major overseas study exams, including TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, SSAT, ACT, Japanese, set one-on-one, full-time one-on-one, full-time small classes, weekend small classes, full production Self-study room and other products, to create efficient performance improvement services for customers, and help apply for the famous school OFFER.

Global Gabriel Social Practice

Improve the software background and cultivate social elites. It proposes software background planning and support resource integration, hands-on world famous enterprises, develops and launches nine series of social practice products, and implements them, focusing on the improvement of students' software background and integrating student background resources. With professional teachers, rich practical resources, and a high-quality service concept, we will fill in and enrich the software background of students and enhance their overall competitiveness.

Global Gabriel Overseas Service

Extend the study abroad service and step into the alumni era. Focus on providing high-end study follow-up services to provide students with pre-departure preparation and assistance during their overseas study. Professional planning of travel arrangements, active follow-up guidance, pre-departure preparation, air tickets, airport pick-up, hotels, overseas rentals, overseas networking services to help students travel without worry. Follow-up progress of students throughout the study: follow the study of overseas students according to the overseas study plan, and provide guidance at any time; according to the needs of students, assist students in their careers.

Beijing Global Gabriel Education Technology Co., Ltd. has developed more than 1,400 staff members with an office area of ​​over 15,000 square meters. It has set up office areas in China Electronics Building and Zhongguancun SOHO.

Beijing Global Gabriel Education Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the core values ​​of “Customer First, Pursuit of Excellence, Care for Employees” to meet the needs of customers, create quality services for customers, and constantly exceed customer expectations!