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 In 2018, Sina’s five-star gold medal teacher contest ended, and Baili’s world-famous teacher’s style

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In 2018, Sina's five-star gold medal teacher contest ended. Baili's world-famous teacher and style, individual team, and 10 teachers who participated in the finals won the title of national gold medal teacher. Team team, Canada Maple Leaf team won the Sina Five Star Gold Study Abroad Service Team.


In 2018, Sina’s five-star gold medal teacher contest ended, and Baili’s world-famous teacher’s style

On September 11, 2018, the "2018 Golden Star Teacher Selection" contest hosted by was held in Beijing HNA Building - Marriott Hotel as scheduled. More than 1,300 teachers and 112 teams from nearly 100 educational institutions nationwide signed up for the competition. After nearly five months of intense competition, 262 players and 58 teams stood out and successfully entered the finals.

2018 Sina Five Star Gold Teacher Competition

Bailey worldEducation group eventually has11 teachers and 3 teams successfully entered the finals. After the case evaluation, interactive question and answer, on-site teaching and other aspects of the assessment, individual competition section,10 participantsTeacher of the finals6 people won the title of national gold medal teacherThey are the US-based business consulting planners.Niu Dehang, the US research business application plannerYu YingxinBritish Consulting PlannerKong DongshuoCanadian Consultant PlannerShi YiranAmerican Undergraduate Consultant PlannerSun Shidan, test planning teaching and research teacherYang Miaomiao. Team team, 3 teams signed up, among themCanadian Maple Leaf Team Receives Sina Five-Star Gold Study Abroad Service Team.

In 2018, Sina’s five-star gold medal teacher contest ended, and Baili’s world-famous teacher’s style

In the course of the competition, the teachers of Baili World are committed to participating in the principle of fairness and justice. It shows the teaching level and style that a teacher who teaches and educates should have the unanimous approval of the teachers and judges present.

In addition, the selection of the Sina National Five-Star Masters Competition, many students and parents of students actively voted for our teachers, this is our trust, our affirmation, and our greatest compliment.

“Golden Cup Silver Cup is not as good as the user’s word of mouth”, Bailey’s teacher is adhering to the corporate vision of “Every student can hold the world famous school”, and always practice quality service, taking students’ problems as their own problems. Dedicated service, so that every student can learn the income and learn.

Baili Tian attaches great importance to user experience, always insists on solving problems for users as the starting point and the foothold, promotes product upgrading, promotes service content upgrade, and creates a collection of study abroad, exam counseling, and social practice with strong professional ability and comprehensive quality. Training as an integrated study service support team.

In the future, there will be more and more outstanding teachers to join the big family of Baili, and on more stage, we will also see the teachers of Baili’s world, and the honor of being the star of the five-star gold medal of Sina, is not our end, because Every teacher in Baili world is advancing on the road of excellence!

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