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Non-985 non-211 successfully counterattacks Harvard University architecture major

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G students' colleges and universities have a general background, and their language scores are not dominant. With the help of the teachers of the Baili World Service Team, the students successfully attacked Harvard University's architecture majors and successfully graduated from the famous school.


Harvard University Architecture Specialist, Harvard University Architecture

The vice president of Harvard University once said that unique insights, collaborative spirit, and hands-on ability are also qualities that they value. ThroughoutBailey worldThe student G student's activities during the undergraduate course did not have any special highlights. In addition to the school background, how did G students stand out in many applicants and succeed?Apply for Harvard University ArchitectureWhat about it? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!

First, the student's basic information

Student: G classmate

Admissions: Harvard University

Admission institutions: architecture

Apply for a degree: Master

School: Non-985&211

Professional: Architecture

GPA: 3.7-4.0

TOEFL: 95-104

GRE: 310-319

Second, the overall advantages and disadvantages analysis


1. The student's GPA score is very high, professional first;

2. Have a high quality collection.


1. The background of the institution is general;

2. There is no competitive advantage in language scores;

3. There are almost no professional-related internships.

Third, the application of this major to reduce the difficulty of application, determine the application for the world's top universities

G students study undergraduate majors in architecture, and intent majors are American architecture majors, which belong to this professional application. The prestigious planning instructors combined the students' professional interests and personal wishes to explain in detail the setting of the American architecture profession, taking into account various factors, and finally the students decided to use architecture as the application direction.

G students want to apply for the comprehensive ranking and professional ranking of the top schools, hoping to determine the application college according to the original target scores. The prestigious planning tutors combined with the students' application professional and dream school basically determined a group of schools, but then the students also considered For a long time, I finally negotiated with the prestigious planning instructors to determine the list of applicants including Harvard University.

Fourth, the application strategy

1. Scientific planning time to improve TOEFL and GRE scores

The company that G students came to in March, the final TOEFL and GRE scores were tested in May. On the time span of brushing, it seems that the students are not hard on the surface. Actually, it is not true. In fact, G's English skills are relatively solid, but there are still periods of anxiety. Before the exam, I found that I was nervous and anxious about all aspects of preparation. G students have very high learning efficiency, and they also arrange their own review content according to their own learning characteristics. In TOEFL and GRE, students are also divided into seconds. They also need to communicate the progress and mental state of students from time to time to help students in an orderly manner. Review to achieve the available grades of the application. In the end, the students scored the TOEFL 102 and GRE315.

2. Fully understand the preferences of Harvard University, write high-quality paper writing, and foster strengths and weaknesses

Considering that Harvard University is more concerned with the design thinking of students, and the ability to implement design thinking and finally turn it into a finished product. In this way, when the works are expressed, if there is a complete combing, execution and performance, then this will attract the attention of the interviewers. The application planner also considered these factors when writing the document.

After applying for the planner's analysis of the background of G students, the student found that the TOEFL, GRE, and GPA of the students have basically met the minimum requirements for the school application. However, the early students are busy with exams and works, and the feedback on the clerical materials is not very positive, and because the students' internship experience is relatively lacking, there is no small challenge in the overall writing. In response to the students' questions, the application planner promptly urges the students to feedback materials, highlights the students' ideas in architecture, and organizes the ideas of the whole set of documents so that the documents can be self-contained. Finally, with the patient guidance of the application planner and the cooperation of G students, Completed high quality writing.

3. Enrich your resume and highlight key points

There are not many internship experiences of G students, and the content that can be written is relatively limited. The application planner focuses on the projects, research, competitions, etc. that the students have participated in. In response to the questions of G's resume, the application planner highlights the students' advantages in these processes. At the end of the resume, the students' application skills of various design software are listed in detail, and the potential of students in architecture is also highlighted.

4. Reasonable selection of referees, outstanding ability

The architecture profession generally requires three letters of recommendation, usually two letters of recommendation from the school teacher, plus a letter of internship recommendation, but the student's situation is quite special, there is no good internship experience, according to the students' own situation, ultimately The following referees were selected:

A. Professional Class Teacher—The teacher has been a teacher of the design course of the student since he entered the school. He has a good understanding of the students' design ability, and mainly recommends the students' critical thinking, research ability and potential, and perseverance.

B. Dean-President also teaches certain courses, and will organize some projects to recommend students' sense of social responsibility, unique perspective, execution, and leadership.

C. Internship Leadership - There are more contacts with students, highlighting students' concerns about social issues; specific concerns include learning ability, interdisciplinary awareness and divergent thinking, and the ability to use knowledge.

Five, dream of Harvard

The hard work and sweat in the process have also brought amazing results to the students.Bailey worldThe teacher patiently and professionally guided, and finally G students received the admission of Harvard University's architecture major, and rounded out their dream of a famous school.


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