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Great news! Dr. Offer from Cambridge University reports

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Good news! Great news! Dr. offers from Cambridge University to report. Today, Bailey’s students have once again won the doctor’s offer from Cambridge University, and once again congratulate the student. Let's take a look at the specific details below!


Dr. Offer from the University of Cambridge reports that the general application conditions for graduate students at Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge ranks first in the 2017 Thames rankings, and its research strength is very strong. As of 2016, Cambridge University has 96 Nobel Prize winners, 32 of whom received physics awards, 26 received medical awards, and 22 He won the Chemistry Prize, 11 were awarded the Economics Prize, 3 were awarded the Literature Award, and 2 were awarded the Peace Prize. The admission rate of Cambridge University is very low, only 20.5%, but its employment rate is as high as 92.2%, so every year a large number of students take this college as their target institution. NowadaysBailey worldThe student has been seized for 19 years.Dr. Offer from Cambridge UniversityCongratulations again to this student.

I. Doctoral offer from Cambridge University

Great news!

  Bailey worldI came to Cambridge University in the early morning.

Really excellent students + Really practical people

Can harvest such results

Thanks to parents and classmates for voting for each of Bailey!

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Second, the general application conditions for graduate students of Cambridge University

Postgraduate studies at Cambridge University are very stressful and require a high level of intelligence, so graduate entry requirements are high. Academic requirements vary by course, and you should review individual course entries in the course catalog to understand course-specific requirements.

Academic requirements:

You are generally expected to hold or complete the following at the beginning of the course: at least a 2:1 honours degree from a UK university or equivalent from an overseas university to complete any current training or education program.

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree certificate from a recognized, competitive university with a total score of 85 to 90 (in percent) and a GPA of 3.5 to 3.8. Some courses may be required for some faculties. The applicant has a master's degree.

Language Requirements:

IELTS requires a total score of 7.5, a single item of not less than 7.0, and some professional requirements are higher. A list of international qualifications that meet the university's minimum academic requirements can be found in the National section of the Cambridge University website.

three,Baili world study abroadCambridge University offer part of the broadcast over the years

student Admission institution Admission profession College background GPA IELTS GRE
A classmate Cambridge University Biology 211 colleges 85%-90% 6.5-7.0 /
Z classmate Cambridge University Education 211 colleges 85%-90% 7.5-8.0 /
D classmate Cambridge University sociology 211 colleges 90%-95% 7.5-8.0 325+
D classmate Cambridge University Law 211 colleges 85%-90% 6.5-7.0 320+
M classmate Cambridge University Education Ordinary one Less than 85% 6.5-7.0 310+
X classmate Cambridge University Electrical engineering 211 colleges 85%-90% 7.5-8.0 310+
N classmate Cambridge University chemical engineering Ordinary one 85%-90% 6.5-7.0 330+

The above is the relevant content of the doctoral offer of the University of Cambridge. If you encounter problems during the application preparation process, do not consultBaili world study abroadProfessional teacher. I hope everyone can get the ideal college offer as soon as possible.


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