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Double non-background software, generally apply for Harvard language and literacy

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S students have a strong learning ability, double background, software background, with the help of the service team teacher, enhance the background, highlight the students' advantages, and finally successfully apply for Harvard University language and literacy major.


Apply for Harvard University Language and Literacy, Harvard University Application

[Student basic information]

Student: S classmate

Admission School: Harvard University

Admissions: Language and Literacy

Apply for a degree: Master

Institution: Non-985&211

Major: Chinese as a Foreign Language

GPA: 3.7-4.0

TOEFL: 110-114

GRE: 330+

[Overall advantages and disadvantages analysis]


1. Excellent language scores;

2. Basic undergraduate study is relatively solid, and GPA scores are relatively high;

3. Students have multi-dimensional internships and activities background;

4. Have a volunteer experience and have a teaching assistant experience in undergraduate activities.


1. Although there is an internship, it does not have a competitive advantage;

2. The background of the institution is general;

3. There is no recommendation for the cattle, they are all teachers.

[professional choice]

As an undergraduate student studying Chinese as a foreign language, there are several American education majors that S students can choose, such as TESOL, education policy, international comparative education, and so on. After synthesizing the software background, personal interests and hobbies of S students, and the admission requirements of various majors, the prestigious planning instructors chose the most suitable students for the freshmen, especially those who study Chinese as a foreign language, and also suitable for the TESOL majors of the famous schools. linguistics.

[school choice]

S students have excellent study and good comprehensive quality. Therefore, the prestigious planning instructors and students at that time locked the school's goals at the Ivy League school. For the TESOL major, the most frequently applied schools in the Ivy League school are Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. Although there is no TESOL major at Harvard University, its education school has a "Language and Literacy" similar to TESOL. , that is, language and literacy majors. The dream of S classmates at Harvard University is also herStudy abroadThe goal of hard work, so S students chose to apply for Harvard University.

The Harvard Language and Literacy Program is set up under Harvard's School of Education. The Harvard Language and Literacy Admissions Committee will evaluate each applicant as a whole, rather than looking at GRE, personal statements, and letters of recommendation. They tend to choose applicants with some work experience, but this is not a requirement. The school has strict requirements on the test scores of applicants. The TOEFL single score cannot be lower than 26 points; the undergraduate grade requirements are also higher, the higher the GPA is, the more dominant the application is; the software, the student's research and teaching experience is very high. Important, volunteer activities, exchange of learning, activities that reflect leadership and organization are also highlights of the application. In short, there should be no shortcomings at the time of application, whether it is a language achievement or a software background. So for this school application, students still have some difficulty.

[Application Raiders]

1. Reasonable test planning to improve language performance

After clearing the application target, the prestigious planning instructors began to develop a background improvement plan for the students based on the situation of the S classmates. The prestigious planning instructor planned the TOEFL and GRE preparation and examination time for S students. Because many students in the TOEFL test can not achieve a satisfactory result for the first time, the planning of the prestigious school seems to be just planning for the students. Plan to take the TOEFL test twice at the beginning. Thanks to S's solid English foundation and pragmatic and serious learning attitude, the first TOEFL test scored 100+. This outstanding performance in ordinary people seems to be far-fetched for Harvard, the world's top university.

Therefore, the prestigious planning instructors arranged the S students to take the second TOEFL test according to the original plan. While preparing for the TOEFL, S students are also interspersed with the GRE test. Since the GRE is slightly more difficult than the TOEFL, the preparation time is longer than the TOEFL. Therefore, simply preparing the TOEFL test may affect the review progress of the GRE test. With a heartfelt mind, S's second TOEFL test scored 110+, and the TESOL professional's emphasis on speaking and writing scores also reached an ideal state. At the same time, S's GRE exam also scored 330+ good results under her unremitting efforts.

2. Targeted upgrade software background

During the preparation of TOEFL and GRE, the school's planning instructors also implemented the corresponding software background improvement plan for the problem of S software's relatively weak software background. S students actively participated in various activities organized by the school and volunteered abroad. Teaching, and also as an English teacher in the country, these valuable experiences have unwittingly made S students close to Harvard University.

3. Writing a book highlights student advantage

Because the soft conditions are a little weak, the writing of the paper is very crucial. How to perfectly display the students' advantages is the key to the key. After applying for the planner to dig deeper and communicate with the students, it is learned that the students have gained valuable value in each activity and provided important guiding ideology for future teaching. Later, the application planner guided the students to incorporate the ideas of teaching into the internship experience, highlighting the students' enthusiasm for changing the status of English literacy. The paper finally matched the characteristics of the students with the language and literacy programs of Harvard University. Coupled with the recommendation of the referee from different perspectives on the students' outstanding abilities, the students' advantages are displayed in front of the Harvard University Admissions Committee.

[application result]

After a reasonable application time planning and improvement of the student background, the S classmates successfully won the offer of Harvard University and succeeded in the famous university.


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