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[Science and Technology] 19 years of the University of Tokyo Optoelectronics professional offer to report

Information Sources:Baili world study abroadRelease time: 2019-02-13

Today, Bailey’s students have won the Optoelectronics professional offer from the University of Tokyo. Congratulations again to this student. Let’s take a look at the student’s specific details.


19 years of the University of Tokyo Optoelectronics professional offer, the University of Tokyo graduate student application conditions

The University of Tokyo (referred to as the University of Tokyo) is a world-class research-based comprehensive university located in the Bunkyo area of ​​Tokyo, Japan. As the highest academic institution in Japan and the first seven imperial universities, it enjoys the world. High reputation. This timeBailey worldXiaobian will come to share with you the application toUniversity of Tokyo Optoelectronics Professional offerStudent-related information and application requirements for this university!

I. Student files of the University of Tokyo Optoelectronics Professional offer

Student: H classmate

Admission School: University of Tokyo

Admission Profession: Photoelectric

Apply for a degree: Master

Institution: A university in Beijing

Major: Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

GPA: 2.6+

Japanese: J-TEST-870+

TOEFL: 105+

Entry season: autumn 2019

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2. The general application conditions for postgraduate students at the University of Tokyo

Official website requirements: no explicit requirements

Summary of Baili experience:

1. Most graduate students of the Faculty require students to have a foreign university education for 16 years. There are no clear score rules for Japanese and English. However, it is recommended that students who want to sprint Dongda have a level 1 and TOEFL 90+; students in science and engineering have a level 2 and TOEFL 95+.

2. Individual research departments are directly submitted to the graduate school for material review. For example, the Department of Information Science, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Department of Engineering and Engineering.

Monk requirements: Take the monk exam and pass the exam.

The above is for everyone to shareBailey worldStudy abroadobtainUniversity of Tokyo Optoelectronics Professional offerRelated content. For more application details, please pay attentionBaili world study abroadwebsite.


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