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Happy news! 19 years of computer science offer from the University of Chicago!

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Good news! Today, Bailey’s students have won a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Chicago! The University of Chicago ranks third in the overall ranking of American universities, and is recognized as the top three in American higher education with Harvard University and Columbia University.


19 years of computer science offer from the University of Chicago, 19 years of the University of Chicago offer

The University of Chicago is a world-renowned private research university and ranks among the top ten universities in the world. Ranked ninth in the 2019 World University Rankings in 2019; USNews American University ranked third in 2020. NowadaysBailey worldThe student received a computer professional offer from the University of Chicago.One, let's take a look at the details together with Xiaobian!

I. Successfully applied for the student file of the computer science offer of the University of Chicago.

Student: D classmate

Admission School: University of Chicago

Admissions: Computer

Apply for a degree: undergraduate

At school: a Chinese lieutenant colonel

GPA: 3.9+

Test score: SAT1 1500+; TOEFL 110+

Admission time: Autumn in 2019

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Second, the University of Chicago undergraduate application requirements

The University of Chicago accepts TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores from international students. The TOEFL score is not less than 100 points, and there is no single score requirement; the total score of ILETS is not less than 7.0, the score of individual scores is not less than 7.0; the total score of PTE is not less than 70 points. , no single score requirements.

The University of Chicago does not offer language courses (ESL) to international students.


The University of Chicago requires international students to provide SAT or ACT scores without the need to provide SAT Subject scores. If the applicant submits a new SAT score, no Essay score is required, such as submitting an ACT score, no need for a Writing score. The average score requirements for SAT and ACT individual subjects are as follows:

SAT: Reading (720-800), Mathematics (720-800), Writing (700-780); SAT Exam No.: 1832.

ACT scores 32-35 points; reading (33-35), mathematics (31-35), writing (8-10); ACT exam number: 1152.

AP, IB, and A-Level

The University of Chicago accepts international courses such as AP courses, and applicants must obtain 4 or 5 points to qualify for credits. Whether the IB and A-Level can be credited to the credits is not known, and the credits are not specified.

Application materials:

The University of Chicago must apply for the University of Chicago Supplement through the Coalition Application or the Common Application system. Applicants will also be prompted to create a UChicago Account where they can submit information and view their admission decisions. On August 1st, the application will be open. Students are not required to appoint a major or a college. Students usually need to choose a major that they are interested in. The freshman is studying at the Chicago College, the undergraduate college in Chicago. The application materials required for undergraduate application include:

Application form and additional materials from the University of Chicago

Application fee: $75 or application fee waiver

Secondary School Reports and Transcripts: The Secondary School Report provides us with an overview of your high school performance. The transcript can usually include a general introduction of the school, such as the general environment of the school, the courses taken, the admission of the college entrance examination, etc., and the syllabus that is not required to be completed. If the transcript is not in English, you must submit a certified English transcript.

2 teacher recommendation letters

SAT or ACT (no writing required) scores

College official report and transcript (only for transfer students)


Interim Report (for first year applicants only)

Scholarship application form

Supplementary material: You can submit support materials for music, drama, dance, visual arts and film through your UChicago Account portfolio. You can also submit a short creative writing sample or research summary through your UChicago Account by using the Upload feature. Remember, more is not always better.


The above is aboutBailey worldThe student has obtained detailed information on the undergraduate offer of the University of Chicago. For those who want to apply for the school, they should make preparations early, apply early, and get the standard as soon as possible within the application deadline to successfully obtain the admission qualification of the school.Baili world study abroadWith the most accurate application planning, the most rigorous application documents, the most dedicated application team will take you to apply for study abroad!


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