The importance of social practice activities

Planned and continuous social practice activities are more likely to be favored by overseas admissions officers.

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Recommended activities

Change your identity and experience the world

Social practice activities

Applying for overseas famous schools, targeted social practice activities, or icing on the cake, or giving you a gift in the snow, will help you become a big winner.

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Wonderful moments of social practice activities

Social practice activities, strangers, you, and participate, the growing love, the heavy harvest, the sweet and beautiful memories, the songs are not scattered...

Social practice participation process

There are definitely a variety of projects that are right for you. Participation in the process is very simple, just do it!

Social practice activity service team

What others have, we have to do better; others do not, we must strive to be perfect. We have a professional service team to back up, we dare to promise, but also dare to strive for excellence.