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                            Baidu Intern Recruitment
                            Project Category: Literary Internship Training
                            Enrollment quota: 20 people
                            Suitable for groups: college students
                                                        Activity time: annual enrollment
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project's venue:


Project purpose:

                                Baidu Hand & Feeds Products Business Unit is responsible for Baidu's information flow (Feeds Advertising) business promotion. Through the internship of the project, help students to better understand the feed advertising business and workflow, and accumulate internship experience.

project cost:

Department and
Position Title
Baidu--Hands & Feeds Products Business Unit
Suitable for professional Liberal arts majors such as advertising, public relations, marketing, journalism, communication, and new media.
Admission criteria Evaluate student background based on registration materials
Internship location Beijing
internship period Not less than 3 months (field internship); 1 month (remote online)
Internship method and
Internship harvest
Field Internship: Recommendation Letter + Internship Certificate; Remote Online: Recommendation Letter
Number of enrollments All the above internship methods are accepted for the whole year.
Note: Students in the field internship need to take care of their accommodation and air tickets.

First, the company introduction

Baidu (BIDU) is the world's largest Chinese search engine. Founded in January 2000 by Li Yanhong and Xu Yong in Beijing Zhongguancun, Baidu is committed to providing people with “simple, dependable” information access. The word "Baidu" originated from the "Sapphire Case" verse of the Chinese Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji: "There is a thousand Baidu in the public", which symbolizes Baidu's persistent pursuit of Chinese information retrieval technology. It was listed on NASDAQ on August 5, 2005.

Baidu Times Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Baidu Network)'s main business includes development, production of computer software, system integration, providing technical consulting, technical services, sales of self-produced products, design, production, release, agency of various domestic and international advertising Wait.

Second, the department introduction - hand hundred & feeds product business unit

The department is mainly responsible for Baidu's information flow (Feeds advertising) business promotion. Feed stream advertising is Baidu's key product in 2017. According to the current growth trend of information flow advertising in the entire advertising market, Baidu Feed stream advertising is likely to become a new growth point.

Third, recommend professional

Liberal arts majors such as advertising, public relations, marketing, journalism, communication, and new media.

Fourth, work place and service enterprise

Office location: Baidu Science and Technology Park, Northeast Wangxi Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

5. Leaders leading the work of students

The project team works in a form, directly led by the team leader, and the intimate seniors escort the whole process.

6. Intern work content

1. Assist the department head to carry out business planning and landing work;

2. Assist department heads in coordinating and tracking key projects

3. Assist the management team to complete the report materials related to the business summary and important resolutions.

4. Other work explained by the superior leadership

7. Non-interpolated interns need background and ability

1. The top 20 college students in the world are recruited only for those with excellent results in 985 and 211.

2. Excellent PPT production ability and speaking ability, capable of clear and deep summary and output of report materials;

3. Strong research ability and data analysis and commercial product experience;

4. Have strong independent thinking ability and logical thinking ability, and strong communication and expression ability;

5, with independent work ability and analytical judgment, good interpersonal skills and teamwork spirit;

Eight, recommendation letter and internship income

Undergraduate students and above can be inferred on-the-job internships, and the letters of recommendation from the department manager and above are required to apply for study abroad. There is an opportunity to turn positive.

Nine, reference work environment

Baidu Science and Technology Park is a newly established technology park in Baidu Company in 2014. It is located in the "Shangdi" information industry base in the east, covering an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters. Its design is inspired by the "∞" symbolizing infinity and Mo Bius ring, there is a LOGO calculated by Baidu box.