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                            Sina Intern Recruitment
                            Project Category: Literary Internship Training
                            Enrollment quota: 20 people
                            Suitable for groups: college students
                                                        Activity time: annual enrollment
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project's venue:


Project purpose:

                                Through internships in the Sina editorial department, understanding the planning and production of the column content and reporting and coordinating the events in the industry, I can train myself to work hard, teamwork and execution, and accumulate capital for future employment and study abroad.

project cost:

Department and
Position Title - Editorial Department
Suitable for professional News, Chinese, Advertising, Guan Gong, Communication, Marketing, New Media, etc.
Admission criteria Evaluate student background based on registration materials
Internship location Beijing
internship period Not less than 3 months (field internship) or 1 month (remote online)
Internship method and
Internship harvest
Field internship: recommendation letter + internship certificate; remote online internship: recommendation letter.
Number of enrollments All the above internship methods are accepted for the whole year.
Note: Students in the field internship need to take care of their accommodation and air tickets.

First, the company introduction

Sina SINA is a ZAI NASDAQ-listed online media company serving Chinese and global Chinese communities. It has more than 230 million registered users worldwide and more than 700 million daily page views. It is a Chinese and global Chinese community. The most respected world's largest Chinese portal in the group, serving the Greater China region and overseas Chinese, with Beijing Sina, Hong Kong Sina, Taipei Sina, North America Sina, etc., has a number of regional websites, through its five major businesses. The main line provides network services to users. Sina is an Internet brand.

Sina provides services to a wide range of users through a digital media network consisting of portal, mobile portal and social networking services and microblogging services.

Sina website has news center, sports channel, entertainment channel, technology channel, financial channel, car channel, real estate channel, game channel, female channel, mall channel, Sina broadband, blog channel, Sina reading, Sina travel, learning, reading, Education, culture, constellation, military and other wonderful channels provide comprehensive and multi-angle information services for netizens. Most of the company's revenue comes from online brand advertising, mobile value-added services and fee-based services.

Second, the department introduction - editorial department

The editorial department is the main department of each channel, mainly responsible for the planning and production of the contents of the Sina channel, coordinating the reports of major events in the industry; participating in other major planning of the channel.

Third, recommend professional

News, Chinese, Advertising, Guan Gong, Communication, Marketing, New Media, etc.

Fourth, work place and service enterprise Office: Sina Headquarters Building, Building 8, West Building, No. 10, West Wangdong Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

5. Leaders leading the work of students

The project team works in a form, directly led by the team leader, and the intimate seniors escort the whole process.

6. Intern work content

The main work content includes the planning and production of the column content; coordinating the reporting of major events in the industry; participating in other major planning of the channel. Requires a keen news sense, quick thinking; excellent foreign language level, unobstructed browsing of foreign web pages and compiled content; good character, strong learning ability, strong execution ability, willingness to work hard, strong teamwork ability; relevant industry resources or media Experience is preferred.

7. Non-interpolated interns need background and ability

1. The top 20 college students in the world are recruited only for those with excellent results in 985 and 211.

2. Undergraduate majors are marketing communications;

3. After at least three rounds of compound interviews (written test + interview), focus on whether you have a strong writing skills, a wide range of knowledge, and active thinking;

4. English reading and writing skills must be super strong;

5. Publicly published articles in newspapers and magazines are preferred.

Eight, recommendation letter and internship income

Undergraduate students and above can be inferred on-the-job internships, and the letters of recommendation from the department manager and above are required to apply for study abroad. There is an opportunity to turn positive.

Nine, reference work environment

The Sina Headquarters Building is located in the northwest of Beijing, known as the "China Silicon Valley" Zhongguancun Software Park, adjacent to the famous Summer Palace and Xishan Scenic Area, the natural landscape is very beautiful, close to many front-line information technology and Internet companies.