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Course Introduction

Quickly understand your own enrollment before class:
1. What is self-enrollment?

Self-enrollment, also known as independent selection, is an important part of the reform of college admissions. After passing the written examination and interview of the college entrance examination, you can get the corresponding college entrance examination and lowering policy. After passing the examination, the enrollment school will sign the enrollment examination contract with the enrollment. After signing the contract, you can generally enjoy the preferential policy of reducing the admission to ten to ten points. There are also special offers, and specific contracts should be discussed with the school.
Second, the enrollment target of independent enrollment?
The main target of recruitment is outstanding students with academic expertise and innovative potential. Generally, candidates who participate in self-enrollment can be divided into the following three categories:
1. High school graduates with excellent academic performance, excellent academic performance, comprehensive strength, or outstanding honorary titles;
2. Candidates who have academic expertise in certain fields and who are rewarded in various competitions and competitions;
3. Candidates who have outstanding performances in science and technology innovation and invention in high school.
Third, the registration process for independent enrollment?
1. Candidates apply for material review. Colleges and universities will review the self-enrollment materials and select some candidates from a large number of applicants for testing. For candidates, the application materials should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the university. In addition to the application form, the application materials may also include a copy of the award certificate, a personal statement, other application materials, and the like. The award certificate can be a variety of award certificates that candidates receive at high school. In addition, candidates can also prepare one or two letters of recommendation, including the name of the referee, the relationship with the student, the contact information of the referee, and the evaluation of the applicant.
2. Independent enrollment test in colleges and universities. Colleges and universities generally organize independent enrollment tests individually or jointly. Self-enrollment tests are generally divided into written tests and interviews. Whether it is a written test or an interview, it is different from the college entrance examination. The test questions are flexible and involve a wide range of subjects. The difficulty is between the college entrance examination and the competition.
3, candidates unified college entrance examination. After the candidates pass the independent enrollment test of the university, the college will sign an agreement with the candidates, and the candidates must participate in the unified college entrance examination, and they can be accepted according to the corresponding conditions. Specially-accepted candidates can also enjoy more favorable policies upon approval.


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