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Course Introduction

【Course Introduction】

1. Analysis of the way out after graduation, objectively understanding 4 ways, making a very important 1/4 decision in life
2. Do you really know why you want to study abroad? Find the initial heart, you can stick to it
3. Really understand the Western-Australian education system and firmly study abroad
4. Understand the characteristics of studying abroad in each country and determine the country that suits your goals.
5. Australian location, popular study abroad city and safety introduction, Australian customs, customs introduction
6. Compared with other countries, the advantages of studying in Australia
7. Pre-planning expenses and follow-up study expenses (tuition fee + living expenses)
8. Understand the way of admission to Australia and choose the path for studying in Australia that suits you.
9. Australian immigration policy analysis, understand the appropriate immigration method (for students with immigration intentions)
10. Target professional project features and application requirements analysis and learning
11. Explain the typical institutions (the core characteristics and advantages of the institutions) according to the target majors.
12. By learning and understanding similar cases, taking the essence, accurately positioning yourself, planning a study abroad program
13. Understand the requirements of studying in Australia and prepare for the specificity
14. Reasonable management and planning of university time, and earning a good undergraduate course, ready to study abroad
15. Learn how to choose courses, exams, and get an excellent GPA score.
16. IELTS will be popularized in China: enterprises, public institutions, civil service exams, college entrance examination English replacement, are you prepared?
17. Combine study abroad program planning language learning program, test time, etc., full-real model test, and targeted analysis
18. By learning and understanding similar cases, taking the essence, accurately positioning yourself, planning language learning programs
19. Understand the whole process of studying in Australia, do not step on the minefield, and prepare with peace of mind.
20. Learn what to prepare for studying in Australia and study in Australia with ease.
21. In-depth explanation of food, clothing, housing and learning and learning and learning

Class welfare:

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