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 How much is the cost of studying in Canada undergraduate?

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 Many Chinese students want to study in Canada, and the cost is what everyone thinks. In order to help everyone, this article introduces you how much the cost of studying in Canada is undergraduate.


 Canadian undergraduate study abroad, Canadian study fees

  go withStudy in CanadaBefore applying, be sure to understand the relevant study fees, then,Canadian undergraduateStudy abroadWhat is the cost of the stage? belowBailey worldStudy abroadXiaobian for everyone to do a detailed introduction.
Average tuition fee for undergraduate
Concordia University: $11,000 to $12,000
McMaster University: $12,000~14,000
Victoria University: $14,000~16,000
University of Ottawa: $14,000 to $16,000
University of Manitoba: $12,000~14,000
Brandon University: $5,000 to $8,000
Memorial University of Newfoundland: 6000~8800 USD
Accommodation fee
There are three main types of accommodation in Canada: on-campus housing, off-campus rental, and homestay. The on-campus dormitory provides two meals for students. The annual accommodation fee is around 6,000 Canadian dollars. The host family provides three meals a day for students. The annual cost is about 8,000 Canadian dollars. Relatively speaking, it is cheaper to share with students. One way to save about 2,000 Canadian dollars on this basis.
Dietary expenses
The level of consumption in different cities is different. This also leads to differences in living costs. If you live in a homestay or on-campus dormitory, the cost of the meal is included in the accommodation fee. If you are renting out of school, the cheapest way is to cook for yourself and to suit your taste. The average monthly cost of eating is around $500.
Book fee
Canada is very focused on the protection of intellectual property, so Canadian textbooks are also a small expense. During the study period, you can pay more attention to the second-hand book market, or find relevant textbooks in the library, you can save a book fee at the beginning of each semester.
Daily expenses
Other expenses such as communication fees and transportation expenses generally cost about $800 per year. For transportation, students can plan ahead when they travel, and buy packages or student tickets in advance, which can save a lot of money.
I would like to introduce you to the cost of the undergraduate study abroad in Canada, and I hope to help the applicant. If you have any questions or are interested, you can call the freelance to consult the experts studying abroad.
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