Targeted counseling GRE score of 332 points

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Summary:Under the targeted counseling of Bailey's teachers, A students successfully passed the GRE score from 314 points to 332 points, breaking through their own bottlenecks.

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[Student situation]

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Case details

test subjects:GRE Previous score:314 points Late score:332 points

[English pros and cons]


I have studied GRE before, so I have some understanding of each question type and logic;

2 The English foundation is moderate and the acceptability is relatively strong;

3 Although the study time is small, the students are more cooperative.


1GRE fill-in vocabulary needs to be improved;

2 There are still some points of knowledge in mathematics that are not solid;

3 Although the problem-solving skills have been learned, they are not good.

【Scene reconstruction】

First, the early communication

The student was originally a model tester conducted by the test planner in the early stage, so the understanding of the students was mainly carried out through the test. Through the model test, I also analyzed my strengths and weaknesses with the students, and then how to correct them. The students encountered bottlenecks before learning, so they also knew their problems after the analysis.

Second, the counseling process

Given that the student had previously tested GRE, and his fill-in-the-loop logic was not bad, the main problem was reading. Therefore, first read the main explanation.

Reading: Although A has a good English foundation, the reading of GRE is still not cultivated into a good habit. When reading a sentence, it is read in a single sentence, so the latter will be forgotten. There are even articles that don't directly know what the entire article is talking about. The first thing to solve is the problem of reading habits. First, I instilled the idea of ​​reading structure for A students. In addition, through each reading on the courseware, let A students slowly analyze the relationship between sentences and find the structure of the article. Combined with several frequently occurring structural types of GRE reading, A students gradually have the awareness of active reading and reading structure. This laid the foundation for the study of more test sites. Moreover, every reading done in the later period, each question, will let A students read the complete article and then do the problem. This intensive practice has further consolidated his ability to grasp the structure correctly.

Fill in the blanks: In the early stage, the time-filled training of the fill-in-the-blank machine was carried out mainly in the form of the first test. And through the situation of A students to analyze the reasons for the wrong questions, of course, mainly to grasp the logical problems, the words are accumulated by the students themselves. Later, through the problem points of the classmates A who had been excavated before, I also told the classmates about the knowledge points and logical relationships in the blanks. Then use the more fill-in-the-blank machine to practice.

Mathematical aspects: A classmates have more math scores in the previous exams. Therefore, on the one hand, they use the class time to explain the GRE mathematics knowledge points and the general investigation forms and “traps” of each knowledge point. On the other hand, using the questions of the GRE mathematics machine, ask A students to perform time-limited training for each section, and check and do 100% correct rate.

Third, the test scores

  QQ screenshot 20180601093915.jpg

Through the targeted counseling by the Bailey world test planner, plus the exercises under the students' classes, the students achieved a good score of 332 points.

[Student's testimony]

Yesterday I just came out of the GRE test room, and now I can't believe that my score can be raised so much at one time. I am very grateful to Mr. Ding for his careful guidance and such an excellent education platform!

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