Listening high scores, 47 points, the base successfully countered TOEFL 102 points

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Summary:This article brings you a high score of listening, and successfully broke the TOEFL score of 102 students. Specifically, how did he go to TOEFL for 29 points, 27 points, and 20+ for oral writing? Let’s take a look!

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[Student situation]

The highest educational experience:the University Type of institution:985&211 Majors studied:Software engineering

Study abroad intention:United States Master

Study abroad admission results:Got 0 offers

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Case details

test subjects:TOEFL Previous score:47 points Late score:102 points

[English pros and cons]


1 The student is a student of Shandong University, so the English foundation is good and the learning ability is strong.


1 I have never learned TOEFL, so I don’t have any ideas on the answers to each individual item;

2 The student did not deliberately recite the word before, so the word foundation was poor;

3 The student’s spoken accent is heavier and has the feeling of mountain oriental dialect;

4 Students are science students, so the background knowledge about liberal arts is less understood and it is difficult to read comprehension.

【Scene reconstruction】

First, the early communication

Students are people who are confident in their ability to learn, so before deciding to take the course, they have to try to buy online courses from other institutions online, but after studying for nearly a year, the best one. The score is 47, so the students realized that they were learning more difficult and the time cost was higher, so they finally found it through the comparison agency.

Second, the counseling process

1. In the initial stage, at the beginning, the students expressed their fears with the teacher. They felt that they were not very good at English from small to large. Therefore, after learning the unconfident mentality of the students, the teacher first gave the students a general plan. Let students have a clear understanding of the entire learning cycle and the overall process and the goals we ultimately achieve, so that students can be more targeted. At that time, although the students were at the basic stage, they simply carried out the test. They felt that the students’ grammar-based problems were not very large. Therefore, the lectures were started from the comprehensive application stage, but the importance of the words was emphasized to the students. The student stipulates the amount of words that must be completed every day, and finds that the students' execution is very strong, and the students' learning is still very strong, so the amount of assignments is still large, but the students can basically complete, even have free time. At the time, the students will take the initiative to do more exercises, so when they have been working for nearly 30 hours, they will conduct basic tests. The result is that there is not much problem in the basic Chinese-English translation. So the students will enter the next stage of study.

2. In the intensive phase, the students first explained the long sentences, and with a large number of exercises, the students basically completed the homework on time and in accordance with the amount, and the students were also very good at summing up, so the students in the course of the class, He will directly ask the teacher where he has problems in the process of doing homework, so he can use the class time very efficiently, so after reading the long sentences, in the reading part, the teacher analyzes several articles with the students. After that, more students are going to complete the exercises according to their homework. Then summarize the problem and solve it in class. As a result, 82 points have been scored in the first exam after class, 35 points higher than before. So the students are a little unbelievable, but in fact they still have enough efforts in the process.

3. During the sprint phase, The students still do their homework seriously as always. When they talk about the listening items, the students who are left under the teacher's class are very serious and will also follow the homework on time. The students will take 88 exams in the subsequent exams, but they have no hearing. Good test, so when there is time, students will brush their hearing. Basically, when they brush 49 sets of hearings, they will listen to some other real questions, so the final listening score 27 is still not easy. After one test, reading 30, listening 28, speaking, because the machine was not recorded, 12 points were tested. At the time of writing, 24, after the students, it was a pity that the oral language was particularly good, so the students quickly reported an exam, and finally scored a goal of 102, and finally entered the famous university in the United States.

Third, the test scores

Through the targeted counseling of the Bailey world test planner, plus the practice of the students, the students finally achieved 91 points.


[Student's testimony]

I am grateful to the test planner for helping me during my time studying TOEFL. It is not only for learning, but also when my mentality is not good, the teacher will communicate with me in time to help me adjust, or thank the teacher!

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