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  • To: Baili World Test Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Zhu:

    The ancients often said that they read the gentleman, Wen Qiruyu. This is the living state of the ancient gentleman. I felt the charm of one or two points with the help of Teacher Zhu.

    I am not a good student. I often have a headache for the teachers in the school. If there is a reference, it is almost the same as the next class, and I am very resistant at first. I don’t like learning, I am not I really want to test the TOEFL, so I was disgusted when I first entered Xiangshan College, and I also had deep self-loathing. But in this place I met my mentor and friend and became the beginning of change.

    At the very beginning, my state is still in the air, but I don’t know where I am. I just want to cope with the problem. I am saying that "the young man is ridiculous, the ridiculous, only knowing the words hundreds of words, not thinking about it, proudly studying abroad." It was Mr. Zhu who took me to this impetuous mentality and led me to memorize words and fill my loopholes. Looking back now, I am looking at the school that was first entered the school. It is really shameful and bitter. After a while, I entered the state of learning initially. My heart was not happy. I unknowingly started to arrogant. When I was in class, I took a sense of the language and spoke to the teacher. So later I also ate a lot of bitterness. It was Teacher Zhu who answered my doubts and puzzles when I was in my spare time. I finally filled all the knowledge I had left, and the students were really fortunate.

    One day, the pressure accumulated in my heart reached a critical point. It is really nowhere to vomit. My heart is falling to my heart. My study is painful, but I understand that I must learn, even though I am not I need to work hard, but I don't want to regret it, because I can't help but be infected by the learning atmosphere here. I want to work hard, I want to fight hard, two emotions conflict in my heart, one is lazy thinking, the other is hard work. Fight hard. Teacher Zhu saw that my status was wrong. I immediately spent a lot of time to enlighten me and educate me. I realized the joy of learning and made me realize why and learn for whom. Let me use this as my mind.

    Although Yang Yiyi is gorgeous, the roots are deeply rooted in the heart.

    Everyone admires Liu Liuyi, I don’t know the teacher’s grace.

    Bailey's world students: A classmates

    From:A classmate
  • To: Baili World Test Service Team Teacher

    Dear Ms. Dai,

    I am writing a letter to appreciate your kindness and unselfish help on my iBT TOEFL study, and I think you help me a lot on my mental development as well. I will never forget your help and what I wanna to say is thank you, Sincerely.

    Perplexed and nervous, we started our first class. You were so carefully Listening what I was thinking the problems on my English and chock points I was Facing with, which I think gave me a lot of courage and confidence to tell what I thought of myself to you. And after listening to my words, you said that the Key to improve my TOEFL score was to consolidate the basis like grammar and Vocabulary which are bedrocks of a language learning let alone learning English. Then we started working on the grammar, you were so patient to teach me how to Decide a word’s status in a sentence, what element it is, what function it has And methods to identify it. I was immersed in your vivid interpretation, and Conclusion know how words compose a sentence. And I think this helped me a lot in My following learning and preparing for the TOEFL test.

    I brook no delay to have classes with you, and once we finished a part of the Course, I would feel that I had a great improvement in my English.

    If I were a beautiful flower, you were a diligent gardener, and if I were a Candle, you were a match. With your help, I could prepare my test so well that I Made a progress in my TOEFL test greatly, especially in reading part and Listening part, which, I would never think of without your help.

    Last but not the least, wish you happy every day and thank you again Sincerely!

    Bailey's world students: A classmates

    From:A classmate
  • To: Baili World Test Service Team Teacher

    Dear Bow Teacher:

    Hello, I have known you for two months. Thank you for your supervision of my study and let me understand the problem of my language learning. Before I communicated with you, I always studied in New Oriental, but my grades have not been improved, I am confused, but I don't know how the language is more efficient. Thank you for your assistance to me. hand.

    I remember your first call, I heard your voice is very kind, patiently asked me about the IELTS learning situation, and pointed out the professional problems that I have now.

    You know that my foundation is very weak, and the courses I am studying now are not suitable for me, so I have been struggling. But I just want to pursue the short-term quick score. You told me that learning the language is not a one-off. My thoughts are wrong, and I have patiently told the language learning method for a long time, let me suddenly realize. It turns out that the foundation of language learning is very important. It is necessary to learn from the system and not to learn the scattered things. I very much agree with you, so I decided to continue to learn.

    The teacher you have arranged for me is really very helpful for me to study. I am very motivated to learn. I am very grateful to you for urging me to study and help me to register for the IELTS twice because I will not report it. The exam registration fee you paid for me first, Help me take up the test position, because we have more school courses, so I have no time to communicate during the day. You often call me overtime at night, and solve all the problems I have encountered in time. Many students study abroad. It is also a matter for you to contact me for other teachers. Every time you are very timely, I am very concerned about my problems, thank you here!

    Bailey's world students: E classmates

    From:E classmate
  • To: Baili World Test Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Gong:

    In fact, the IELTS class reported to Bailey is really a beautiful accident, but it is really a gift from Heaven to give me a wonderful gift, especially Gong. In terms of business ability, Mr. Gong can be said to be at the "master" level.

    Composition has always been the weakest link in my English (after the oral language), but Gong’s class can be said to have the effect of rejuvenating, so that this rookie can see the hope of IELTS writing. Mr. Gong’s writing class is simple and straightforward. The simplest example is used to bring out the core content of IELTS writing. In addition, Mr. Gong’s class is also dynamic, because Mr. Gong always puts all his efforts into taking the classmates to the classroom. .

    In the classroom, Teacher Gong said, and Teacher Gong outside the classroom was not idle. Mr. Gong will carefully correct each person's writing assignments, and keep in mind each person's writing situation. In addition, he will explain the problems in the composition in the next lesson so that students can better understand. These excellent qualities, this attitude of being serious and responsible for my work, is really awesome - I think this is what I learned in the IELTS class about English, and it can be said that something closer to life. Thanks to the truth, goodness and beauty, thanks only!

    Regardless of the ability to open up the business, Mr. Gong’s attitude towards the students is also good to say nothing! Mr. Gong is very concerned about every classmate in the class. There is no negligence: every student’s homework will be corrected in time. Every student may be flopped in class. Of course, every student has the opportunity to enjoy. The yogurt that the teacher bought for us.

    It is particularly worth mentioning that Teacher Gong also deliberately prepared a lipstick for her writing class representative. Having said that, I can only say: Unfortunately, it is not me. In short, in short, Mr. Gong is a good teacher who is also a teacher and a friend. The students are strictly required in the classroom. It is also ok to have some innocence and jokes outside the classroom and students. I think, if I want to be a teacher in the future, I will become a teacher like Teacher Gong. When I am in class, there is a dignity that the teacher should have. Outside the classroom, I can communicate with the students like a small partner.

    In any case, Teacher Gong is really a very good people teacher, she has the ability and character! Finally, what I want to say is that these are my words. Teaching is a true conscience! If you want to learn the TOEFL IELTS class, don't miss such a good teacher! Otherwise, you can really lose money!

    Calling Teacher Gong, I will call all the teachers in this IELTS class, and I will also call Mr. Liu and call you. I hope that you will get better and better, and the teaching will be more and more refined!

    Bailey's students in the world: W classmates

    From:W classmates
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear teacher:

    Today, a year ago, I was still a junior undergraduate student with a dream of studying abroad. The ignorance and confusion of the future made me always take my first step. One year later, I have already held a prestigious offer and become an incredible USC. A member of the Trojan family, write this letter to the University of Southern California's exclusive mailbox.

    In July of 2017, after a long period of time between domestic research and study abroad, I finally made up my mind to take the road to the unknown.

    At that time, I knew almost nothing about the situation of American universities. Toefl and GRE never contacted. It was the teacher who taught me to write CV, SP and enrich the contents of the paper when I was completely ignorant of the application. The process of writing a document is not just a routine work-by-step procedure. In the process, the teacher helped me to discover myself, and I was so confused and unconfident that I was surprised to find the shining point on my body and let me fill the application road. confidence.

    On January 15th, 2018, my second GRE was just finished, and the language test was frustrated, and it was catching up with the first batch of applications. I am reluctant to resign, I feel that my name does not match the offer of these famous schools, I am always reluctant to open the application website on the checklist that the teacher has already prepared. During this time, the teacher not only completed the application for me before the deadline, but also called me by a phone call: I can't give up until the final result comes out. In my own weakness, I regained my confidence, and then I got a better toefl score, and I completed my application in a timely and conscientious manner with the help of the teacher.

    Every time the school's decision letter arrives, the teacher will remind me to check in the most timely. When the teacher told me for the first time that I got a letter from WUSTL, I felt that the whole world was lit up.

    After experiencing countless confusion, entanglement and pain, I finally received the result of satisfying myself. This feeling really made me feel confident about myself. Behind all of this, I can feel that no matter how sad or sad, the teacher always Share the pain with me and share the joy.

    As a engineering student, it hasn't been a long time since I wrote a letter to reveal the truth.

    This time, I can feel this grateful emotion at my fingertips, unstoppable. However, the banquet will be scattered, the letters will be tailed, and the teacher’s guidance will only accompany me to come here, so a thousand words are combined into one sentence:

    Thank you, Mr. Duan, I wish you happiness in the future, Tao Li fragrance!

    Bailey's world students: Y classmates

    From:Y classmates
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Guo:

    Hello! I am a forward-looking embarrassed person. Fortunately, there is a roundabout learning path that is also available for selection.

    Presumably the entanglement and embarrassment in this road, in your limited relationship with me, has a deep understanding. Thank you for your help and companionship at the end of the application process and at the crucial stage, so that this sentence can be written quickly!

    Since Teacher Yang is ready to welcome the arrival of a new life, I will transition from the "old man" of Teacher Yang to the "new person" here. This kind of transition is not the first time in my team. According to common sense, there is nothing that can't be adapted.

    It’s just that the time of the handover is consistent with the time the offer is received. In fact, this is nothing. I should be pleased with the offer of the offer, but the date of the start is very close, including obtaining the I20 and preparing for the visa. Materials, face-to-face, renting, packing, and so on, all of them must be completed in a month. How can I not worry about me who has never studied abroad?

    God knows my needs and has prepared a "good" for me:

    Fortunately, the first conversation with you, feeling the ease and optimism between your words, just offset my anxiety;

    Fortunately, during the preparation of the visa materials, you have been tired of answering my various confusing proofs, so that you have a more complete preparation;

    Fortunately, you have always told me not to be afraid of the face-to-face sign. I have been encouraging me to cheer me up and accompany me to sort out the logic of answering the questions so that I can pass the face-to-face check as an English scum.

    Fortunately, there is a powerful "colossal, congrats!" that gives me real joy.

    Thank you for giving us an emotional repetitive process!

    Thank you again, give me help!

    Bailey's students: G classmates

    From:G classmate
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear teacher,

    First of all, as a teacher of the teacher, I am very grateful to the teacher for helping and taking care of me from now to now. Because there was no last year, the pressure on this year is relatively large.

    In normal times, the teacher will often ask me how to prepare for the exam. In addition, I will also tell me how to prepare and how to achieve higher efficiency. For the psychological help, I am very grateful to the teacher.

    In fact, I think what I want to mention most is the responsibility and seriousness of the professional level of the teacher.

    First, I originally wanted to apply for the previous grades this year, but the teacher encouraged me to take more exams and get a little more chance. So I worked hard again. From the results that follow, the exam may not be representative of itself, but it is indeed this exam that will bring me closer to a better school.

    Secondly, the teacher's paperwork and my cooperation with me are particularly good. Every time the teacher will actively discuss with me to reach the version closest to my thoughts. If this effect is not achieved, the teacher will generally go deep with me. Level of communication. Teacher Si will not build an essay behind closed doors. On the contrary, every word in each article is repeatedly weighed. Even several times, we finished the first draft of the paper, the time was very late, the teacher missed the shuttle. Therefore, in the professional aspect of the teacher, I am especially glad that I met the teacher.

    In addition, during the entire application process, no matter what problems I encountered, the teacher will try my best to answer my questions. I can't solve it myself. He will do his best to help me solve it. After the admission, I don't understand a lot of questions. The teacher is also very patient to help me and answer me.

    Finally, I would like to thank the teacher for your encouragement and help. I am very fortunate to have such a good clerical teacher! Thanks to the teacher, thank you to Bailey.

    Bailey's world students: A classmates

    From:A classmate
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Zhang:

    This application season, spent all the luck and finally applied to a good school. Without Zhang, all the way, it is estimated that it is impossible to apply.

    My performance point is not high, and my practical experience is quite rich, but I want to apply for academic direction, but there is no paper that I can get a hand, let alone publish it. Conditions can be said to be stretched.

    One of Zhang’s greatest achievements is to write a ps and cv that looks super high. There are no false lie in the instrument. It is indeed an academic experience that I have had. It is just that some things are relatively small. I only use it as a play, and it has not affected much of my learning. However, Teacher Zhang’s wisdom lies in integrating all of my experiences, everything, and all of them, and then finding out the inextricable links.

    There are still many cumbersome little things in the application process. For example, every school has to open an application account. Teacher Zhang will open them all. The account passwords are all listed in a form and sent to me. This is really saving. "I remembered the password but forgot the account". There are also a lot of basic information to be filled in when applying. Each school has ten pages. If you look at it, you will get dizzy. Some people don’t know how to fill it. Teacher Zhang has filled out one by one. Some personal information needs to be added. Teacher Zhang also pointed out to tell me one by one; there are deadlines for all the procedures, materials to be prepared, and what is said in the mail sent by the school. Teacher Zhang will tell me.

    This is really a big bail for me. From October to November, it is the busiest time of the application season. I have to take English and prepare a paper writing sample. These cumbersome processes of applying are really unintentional, and these need to be very careful. If there is a slight mistake, the application may not be completed. I really want to thank Teacher Zhang very much, otherwise I really can't go this way today.

    Teacher Zhang can be said to be very dedicated. The work is not divided into internal and external parts. I don’t know the time when she returns to the student information every day.

    How to do domestic visa credit card, what bank card is most convenient for going abroad, how to rent a house is more reliable, and so on, these are not the scope of Zhang’s work, but as long as she knows, she will tell me in detail, I usually have morning I got up late, often sent a message to Teacher Zhang at 12 noon, and asked the teacher questions after work at 6 o'clock in the evening. She will reply soon.

    I sincerely thank Teacher Zhang for accompanying me from beginning to end. I am accompanying me to do great things and small things in the application process, and accompany me to wait for the news of the school. This process is much more difficult than I imagined. I can't bear it alone. Fortunately, Teacher Zhang gave me the courage to give me hope. Fortunately, the result is good, the effort is rewarded, and it is not worth the spring.

    May Teacher Zhang continue to save more flowers like the angels that are not as confident and slightly confused as me, and take more rest, pay more attention to the body and drink more hot water.

    Bailey's world students: A classmates

    From:A classmate
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Du:

    In the blink of an eye, the application season is nearing the end, and I have received a lot of good admissions. Looking back at the beginning of the application season, I feel that I am so lucky to be so happy to be rewarded.

    During this time, I would like to especially thank my teacher, Teacher Du, for being a teacher's reliable style and working closely with me to enable me to successfully complete my application abroad.

    First of all, the teacher and I have maintained a close relationship. The teacher actively asked me to add materials. The time has been very timely, which made me feel more relaxed throughout the application season. There has never been a sense of urgency brought about by ddl. The teacher is very timely about my problems and the feedback I submitted. The questions I encountered during the process of filling out the online application were sent to the teacher and the teacher always gave me a detailed report in a short period of time. Solution.

    Secondly, I think that the teacher has been able to take care of my needs and really write a personalized instrument for me.

    I gave instructions on the contents of each piece. After the teacher learned about my needs, she combined her professional vision, told me the specific content of the main document, and added as much as possible to the performance I want to perform. content.

    The language is vivid and detailed, and I have concentrated my professional choices and my inner dreams in my paperwork. And I always thought that I was able to be admitted to Georgia Tech this time thanks to the instrument that the teacher created for me.

    The first sentence of the teacher's paperwork: Sitting on my small bench and watching the live broadcast of the rocket, I buried an aerospace dream in my heart.

    I always thought it might be this reason for Georgia Tech to choose me. Not only in the process of writing, but when I received an interview from Duke, the teacher also contacted me in time to give me counseling. Later, in order to make me more confident, I also conducted a mock interview for me. I am more familiar with the entire interview. In the end, my interview was also very good, and I got a scholarship of 6,000 knives per semester.

    Finally, I feel that the teacher is very reliable and rigorous. This is reflected in the content modification of the instrument. The teacher pays attention to the details. The details of the research project will ensure accuracy. Many professional vocabulary and project content teachers of the science and engineering will go online to check the information. I will write the documents again to ensure that my experience is accurately expressed. The content of these professional parts is almost passed through, and the words and expressions are very accurate.

    Finally, I would like to thank Teacher Du again for paying for me during my application. If it is not for the teacher to work closely with me, I will not get such a good result. I hope that the teacher can work smoothly in the future and help more. Students realize their dream of studying abroad!

    Bailey's world students: T classmates

    From:T classmates
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Chen:

    Mr. Chen is the application applicant for my entire application stage. I am responsible for my paperwork, writing, and application materials. I feel that I may be a more difficult student among the teachers. The TOEFL has never been able to test the results. At that time, my mood was once lost. Teacher Chen also worked as my psychological counselor, so that I can face myself and face myself. Standardized results, and I applied for the DDL and got the offer.

    As an international transfer student, I have to prepare a course description in the paperwork. Because there is no official course description in the current undergraduate school, in order to save my time, some public teachers directly help me find the official course description. Part of the professional course was completed together, and it was repeated many times. Later, when filling out the application system, because there were more classes during the school day, Teacher Chen always waited for me to skip classes at night, and then remotely tutored me. Super Moving!

    In fact, I feel that my application process is super rough. After I got the offer, I made a lot of small accidents, such as delaying the entrance to the school. Because the school final exam is very late, I can't keep up with the US admission time. Teacher Chen has been helping me and The school is striving to be able to enter school at a normal time. After the school returns, it will appease me and help me analyze the situation and finally decide to postpone enrollment. After that, I have been helping the school to send e-mails to postpone various things. This process is really super hard.

    Recently with the help of the teacher, my DS-160, signed and SEVIS FEE has also been settled, it is a face-to-face sign in January. Really, it is a very lucky thing to meet Teacher Chen. Teacher Chen is really a patient person, and I can get the offer and her help. It is inseparable. The most important thing is that during this wave of application, Mr. Chen has a great influence on my mentality. I am a kind of highly nervous person. When I encounter something, I will be very panicked. With the help of me, my work has also become stable.

    Telling the truth, it is a very lucky thing to meet Teacher Chen.

    Bailey's world students: X classmates

    From:X classmates
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Tang:

    As a parent of the students, after repeated comparisons and understandings, and also under the strong support of the children, on June 28, 2017, we officially signed a contract for the study abroad service for children abroad. We respected the decision of the child. I am also looking forward to the service of Baili.

    Less than two days after the signing of the contract, Mr. Han quickly set up a service WeChat group, pulled the relevant responsible teachers into the group, and introduced them one by one. Each teacher also communicated with me by phone at the first time. Leave a private call as a non-working time contact.

    According to the “Report on the Progress of Study Abroad Service” for children, the teachers of Baili World systematically arrange the work before the child's application, so that the children can gradually understand the application from the ignorance to clear ideas and clear goals; Applying for writing a book is the most important part of a child's progression to school. It is also a place where I am especially grateful to the teacher of Bailey. The child can't arrange the working time in the writing time because of the time limit of the class, and the number of such communication is compared. Frequently, each time Tang is arranged according to the child's free time, a large number of non-working hours.

    The child has a designated entrance teacher at the school and is responsible for the entrance to the school's channel. However, because the teacher's level is limited, Chinese and English are often translated by Baidu. The translated documents are also full of loopholes, presuppositions, and lack of subjective thinking.

    Through the early communication with the teacher Tang, the child has been extremely respectful of Mr. Tang’s paperwork and grammar level. He also understands that there are many documents that Mr. Tang needs to modify, and the workload is very large. Let Tang help guide the non-contract. The application documents are a bit embarrassing, but in order to ensure that each application can accurately express the child's true wishes, the child is still taking the liberty to send the school documents to Teacher Tang. I did not expect Tang teacher to squeeze out valuable time for the child's paperwork. The localities pointed out and made comments to make the children more confident in the application in the school.

    In order to thank Teacher Tang for extra work, I gave Mr. Tang some money to thank him, but it was very polite and seriously rejected by Teacher Tang. This made me very embarrassed and deeply felt the Bailey who was represented by Teacher Tang. Sincere service, no personal attitude.

    At the end of October, it was the key period for EA to apply for paper writing. The children were hospitalized because of the pressure of learning, and they were hospitalized with weak constitution. They could not conceive and write any paperwork, but applied for the EA application of Madison and Ohio State University. The paper must be completed before November 1st. In order not to affect the child's school application, Mr. Tang reorganized the information recorded during the brainstorming with the child, and combined with the paperwork advice given by the foreign teacher. Modify the instrument;

    On the other hand, at the time, the foreign teachers' work schedule was full. Before the deadline, many children's documents required foreign teachers to complete the work. In order to not delay the application, Mr. Tang worked overtime to modify the documents and actively communicated with the foreign teachers to ensure the children's The documents are completed and submitted by the deadline.

    From the children's application process in the university, it can be seen that the teacher of Baili world is serious and responsible to the children. I believe that through the efforts of Baili and the children, the children will be able to get the offer of the dream school. I am also very pleased with the parents.

    Bailey's world students: parents of J classmates

    From:J classmates
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Wang:

    Teacher Wang is my clerical teacher. I met Teacher Wang for the first time. I found that you have a very unique personal style, very easygoing, thoughtful but not aggressive.

    I also understand the current situation of China's education industry. Most companies and teachers only think about performance but rarely consider the thoughts and psychological state of students or customers, lacking real pragmatism and sincere ideas and attitudes. It’s a rhetoric, blind self-confidence, and self-promotion.

    However, in the first communication with Teacher Wang, I vaguely felt a kind of trust. In fact, trust in today's society is precious. This is one of the reasons why I trust Mr. Wang very much and actively cooperate with you. Because in my opinion, trust is the premise of all cooperation, and there is a lack of trust between each other. Even if a teacher is responsible again, or even amend the instrument to the middle of the night, or is extremely patient, and willing to solve all the problems raised by the students, it is not as good as ours. The reality of mutual trust.

    During this application process that lasted for several years, because of my personal reasons, the application was delayed several times. I never felt the pressure and disappointment from Teacher Wang. Patience, enthusiasm, support and encouragement were from Mr. Wang. More felt, this is one of my motivation to continue to study, test, and endure the TOEFL and GRE. On the way to my application, the most helpful to me is not only the teaching and paperwork of Teacher Wang, but also her respect and understanding of my dream of going abroad.

    In September of this year, I successfully started my American university application. At the beginning of the application, I created a lot of problems for Mr. Wang's work. Although my personal materials are not the most, I don't think they are too small. After all, I tried my best to apply for a better school. Search for personal highlights and try your best to keep every detail in plain language. I know how difficult it is to summarize, summarize, organize, and write a document that is convincing enough and has sufficient weight.

    I am a person who likes to pursue perfection. Although it is not reflected in my TOEFL score, I firmly believe that your instrument is very good. Maybe you don't know. Every time you give me the paper, I will give it. Different people help me check, including Daisy, who knows you are working in a well-known consulting company in the United States, and my TOEFL teacher, Master of Media Studies in the United States, but their feedback is extremely limited, only a very small number of phrases are used. Modifications, but this also varies from person to person.

    Of course, as an excellent clerical teacher, patient guidance, quality and quantity of documents are your basic skills, I will not go into much detail here. But what impressed me is that even the translation of my proper nouns in this field is more accurate than my translation, because I have sent similar English papers before. For me, Chinese proper nouns are translated into English. It is not an easy task to have a name. The same Chinese noun corresponds to a lot of English nouns, but how to distinguish it is crucial. Although it varies from person to person, it is a bit shameful for a person applying for an American engineering master's degree to understand the proper nouns in this field, but you really do it well at this point.

    In the later school application, I found that your work schedule did have problems. Because I am a person who likes to stay up late, but every time I fill out the recommendation letter, I will send you a picture and check the contents of each option in detail, and discuss how to fill in the most appropriate, but most of the time you reply is very timely. Very patient.

    Here, I also apologize for the delay in your rest, please forgive me. After you confirm, I will be more reassured after submitting.

    Once again, thank you for your help during my application period, so that my application progress is completed in an orderly manner, and I hope that I can be accepted by a better school and draw a successful time for all of us to fight and learn together. period.

    I have to say that your help has made me feel very relieved during this period of struggle, thank you very much!

    Bailey's world students: J classmates

    From:J classmates
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Yan:

    Our first class should be in July last year. As the most important part of the application process, I didn't feel a sense of awe and some nervousness at the time.

    Listening to your voice is sweet, I feel very good, and my heart is also relaxed and many are still happy. After understanding the approximate timeline, I remember that I was still worried about the filling of the recommendation letter and personal statement content, because at school, my professional courses are three or four hundred people, it is difficult to know the teacher.

    Therefore, the event certainly did not participate in the country, and the recommendation letter is also a major difficulty. It can be said that my mood was still quite frustrating and a little anxious, and my heart was quietly retreating. You seem to feel it, and immediately proposed to push all the time back for a month, and then talked about some wonderful things with me to spit out foreign professors. At this time, these things are obviously very useful to me compared to the kind of unnecessary cheering.

    After that, you are actively preparing my application materials. Because I applied for more than one major, my mother worried that I couldn't change the paperwork, and I went to your office to find you. Please write all the majors. Your work efficiency is really amazing, I sent all the PS in a month or so.

    After I saw it, I thought it was written very well! Because after all, when I filled out the personal information form, I really didn't provide much information (only one internship and one volunteer activity), and the major I applied for was basically not a direct major of the undergraduate major, so I can write this. A coherent and logical personal statement, I think it is really amazing! There is no doubt about the professional level.

    And in terms of life, you should be the first person besides my parents who told me not to stay up late after a time difference, so that I can add a little warmth to my heart in a foreign country.

    Sometimes I feel that I am really lucky, as if I have found a treasure, because we are really very close, I am very anxious, you are very good at doing things, it is more with less.

    When I received the interview invitation, I was both happy and nervous. You also congratulated me on the first time and gave me some face-to-face. I didn't urge me or give me pressure.

    After that, I received an offer in the mailbox, just like the seeds I had planted in the previous months, which produced a fat fruit. In particular, the offer of Imperial College and Cambridge is the same thing that I couldn't even dream of in the past two decades, so that my parents doubted whether the offer was true for three days.

    In short, I am very happy to have the opportunity to express my gratitude to you by writing a letter! Maybe I am not very good at words, but I always remember your contribution in my heart.

    Bailey's world students: A classmates

    From:A classmate
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Li:

    From the initial selection of Bailey World to the present application results have been almost half of the distribution, in the middle of the year with the teacher, she let me realize what kind of service can be regarded as a conscience intermediary, what ability and quality can be regarded as one An excellent teacher of studying abroad.

    From the first lecture, the teacher showed her delicate side, sorted out the relevant requirements of all the materials needed for the application and the approximate application timeline, including some very detailed places and told me through it.

    At the same time, the teacher also showed her strong communication skills and a serious and responsible attitude. I am a student who has a little obsessive-compulsive disorder and has to listen to people twice to remember, whether it is the delivery of language scores and proof of attendance. The acquisition was still based on the certificate of the property and the application for the visa. At that time, I basically didn’t understand it. I asked the teacher Yang to bother to talk about it many times, and still entangled in some unimportant details, but Yang Yang’s teacher from beginning to end I patiently and conscientiously, through a lecture, I finally succeeded in transforming me from a study application to a student who is fairly familiar with the master application process.

    In the following two lectures, the teacher also showed such a strong professional level. In terms of writing and writing online, I was more likely to see an imperious student applying for a study abroad.

    There are countless universities in the United States, and the situation is changing every year. But the teacher is like catching the lifeblood of each school. I am deeply impressed by the focus of each school. I applied for nearly ten universities.

    Or some of the extra clerical requirements, or some college preferences are different, the teacher has changed it. In terms of filling out the application, what are important, which can be ignored a little, and which schools should pay special attention when filling out the information, these teachers have pointed out with me, and in the physical application of the online application, have to say The teacher helped me save a lot of time and energy.

    The most touching thing is that the teacher never drags the manuscript on the paper. Instead, he writes it in advance and let me see it. On the other hand, some of the clerical teachers in many other intermediaries have problems with the arrears of manuscripts and insufficient quality of the documents. As a student who has to apply for foreign study abroad, I know it better. I feel very much in my heart. Fortunately and grateful.

    In addition, the teacher is still a very caring and loving person. In the time period that the online application was filled in the previous year, the information or the submission of the online application, or the revision of the paper, often told me to finish each item well. . But during that time, I was a little busy myself. The students who were not efficient and had unreasonable schedules often did not respond to the teachers in time. Now they are a bit shy.

    If you think about it carefully, I feel that I am afraid that if I don’t have the help of a teacher and I apply for a US graduate student, I am afraid that even five of them will be confused.

    And the teacher is like a friend. Many times, when the language score is difficult to break through and the mood is low, the teacher will encourage me to dispel the thought that I can break the can. Although there are still about half of the results left, I have already got the most difficult school. Umich's offer is completely unexpected.

    Therefore, in my eyes, Teacher Li is such a good and respectful excellent clerical teacher with excellent professional quality, extremely serious and responsible work attitude, and very amiable person.

    Bailey's world students: X classmates

    From:X classmates
  • To: Baili World Study Service Team Teacher

    Dear Teacher Hu:

    In 2015, when I first came to Bailey, I met Hu, I believe this is the fate that I and Hu are destined for. Her beautiful and generous shape, sweet and gentle character, as well as superb English skills and high-quality and efficient paperwork, left a very deep and amazing impression.

    In 2017, I came to Bailey again and asked Mr. Hu to bring me. Choosing Teacher Hu is not only the reason for the level of English professional knowledge, but more importantly, the patience, care, and high sense of responsibility of the students.

    I am very satisfied with all the materials and materials that Mr. Hu has translated for me. Not only is the English language profoundly translated, but also the translation is smart and beautiful, which plays a role in icing on the cake.

    The teacher's thinking is active and knowledgeable, and truly enhances the quality and grade of the students' documents. The teacher can accurately summarize all the paper materials that show the students' advantages, not to mention the key words, to refine the words accurately, and to highlight the characteristics and key points of the students.

    The teacher not only does the paperwork well, but all other links such as applying for the school, Xiaodan teacher can use her superb professional level and high sense of responsibility, let me put 100 hearts and give 100 satisfaction.

    All the work links, the teacher is more clear than myself, but also to the heart. I never wanted to urge the teacher to do anything. The teacher always wanted to be in front of me and be in front of me. These made me very satisfied and assured. With the help of the teacher, I have obtained satisfactory paperwork materials and also received admission notices like the university.

    The teacher is currently helping me with other follow-up work before I enroll. I believe that under the escort of the teacher, I will be able to successfully enroll in my master's degree program.

    Here, I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Hu for his hard work, care and love for me, and answer my questions innumerable times.

    Teacher, thank you. Meeting you is the luck and blessing on my life. I also wish the teacher everything is good, always good, better and better!

    Bailey's world students: M classmates

    From:M classmate
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