Mining experience, obtained a diploma in financial engineering from Columbia University

                    Z classmate - profile Study abroad intention: US Master's degree Business Finance Engineering
【Education background】
Highest educational experience: University
Type of institution: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Undergraduate major: Economics and Finance
Average score: 3.4-3.79
[Language results]
TOEFL: 110-114
GRE: 320-329
【social practice】
Activity practice: (?)
Research projects: (?)
work experience:(?)

label: Rich research experience No scholarship No magnetic No overseas exchange experience No cow push

 [Overall advantages and disadvantages analysis]


1 The student's GPA score is good;

2 TOEFL scores and GRE scores are high.


1 transfer professional application, the software background is insufficient.

[professional choice]

Undergraduate students study accounting and finance, but he likes financial engineering very much. After learning the undergraduate course, the famous school planning instructor thinks that he has the opportunity to get the offer of this professional school and agrees with the student's decision. .

[school choice]

After completing the planning and teaching for the students, the students directly set up ten financial engineering schools in September: Financial Engineering and Financial Mathematics at Columbia University, Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago, Financial Engineering at Cornell University, California. University of Berkeley's Financial Engineering, Computer Finance at Carnegie Mellon University, Financial Engineering at UCLA, Financial Engineering at New York University, Finance at Boston College, and Business Analytics at MIT.

 [Application Raiders]

Z students are undergraduate accounting and finance students at a university in Hong Kong. The overall hardware background is relatively competitive. However, the difference is that students want to apply for financial engineering. It is necessary to know that the undergraduate background of financial engineering is a mathematics major. However, the majors of students are finance and accounting. Although minor in mathematics, the mathematics courses of undergraduate students are classified as the same under the same class, such as calculus, linear algebra, etc. are not specialized courses, but a very general course mathematics such a course, so The overall response has only a few mathematics courses on the student's transcripts. The courses that are more important in financial engineering, such as the random process, have not been studied. At the same time, the students have no computer courses, but the students have taught themselves privately. C++ only. These soft backgrounds undoubtedly make it harder for students to apply for financial engineering. In response to these problems, in terms of instruments, the application planner not only digs into the mathematical background of the students, but also reflects the students' quantitative analysis skills through the students' internship experience. In the personal statement, focus on the students' interest in quantitative finance and the enthusiasm for going to financial engineering.

  [application result]

The students successfully won the offer of Columbia University's financial engineering profession.

 [Student's testimony]

It is my dream to go abroad to study financial engineering. Thanks to the teacher who helped me to dream in this process!

awesome 3

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