Chasing the dream, finally getting a bio professional offer from McGill University

                    G classmate - profile Study Intention: Canada Undergraduate Science
【Education background】
The highest educational experience: high school
Institution type: domestic high school
Average score: 90-94
[Language results]
TOEFL: 105-109
【social practice】
Activity practice: (?)
Research projects: (?)
work experience:(?)

label: No scholarship No magnetic No overseas exchange experience No cow push

[Overall advantages and disadvantages analysis]


1 students have high GPA scores;

2 TOEFL scores of 100+;

3 extracurricular activities are experienced.


1 Students are the first to contact the relevant matters of studying abroad.

[professional choice]

In the process of choosing a major, G's major is very clear. He has always liked biology, life sciences or biology and life sciences since he was a child. Especially when a G student knows the official website of the University of Toronto, he has no intention. In the context of seeing the biology major at the University of Toronto, life sciences use scientific methods to study the laws and processes of living matter. Life science research helps students understand and analyze the behavior of humans and other organisms. It prepares students for moral, social and political issues because we are increasingly able to protect the fragile and complex ecological balance and maintain the balance of the world. After seeing this text, G students liked life science and biology. After careful consideration, G students chose biology and life sciences.

[school choice]

Choosing the school's link, G students should be the least need to worry, because his achievements in all aspects are very good, all aspects of the conditions have reached the highest standards, all the famous schools in Canada can choose. Because there are several strong schools in biology in all universities in Canada, the University of Toronto on the East Coast has the University of Toronto, Queen's University, and Quebec is Canada's old economy and industrial province. It gives McGill enough financial support. The field of biology and medicine in McGill University has always been far ahead, so the universities on the East Coast can basically be determined. As for the west coast of Canada, it is countable, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and Victoria University. After several communications, the students identified four schools for McGill University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and Queen's University.

  [Application Raiders]

The first time I communicated with the application planner was the parents of the students. The parents were still very polite, but the parents also reported a problem that the students’ schoolwork was relatively heavy, so the Canadian side did not intend to involve the students. So the parents will feed back some information written by the students to the application planner. It is also hoped that the application planner will be able to determine the student's final Canadian instrument through the student's prior information. So the application planner spent two days to carefully study the previous content of the students. Because the content is broken and the Canadian side of the paper is a new Essay topic. So the application planner spent a lot of time integrating the information provided by the students and finding the right examples to match the appropriate questions. But still a little bit of advancement. The first draft of the document was eventually formed and sent to the parents. The parents of the students are also very satisfied.

[application result]

Students have successfully won the offer of McGill University, University of Toronto, and Queen's University.

 [Student's testimony]

Learning biology is my dream, thank you to the teacher of Bailey to help me dream.

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