How do Japanese language schools apply?

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To study in Japan, you must first apply for a language school, and many students are not very familiar with the application. In order to help everyone, this article introduces how to apply for a Japanese language school.


How to apply for a Japanese language school, Japanese language school application materials

Whether you are going to study or a monk, most of them need to attend a language school, then,How to apply for a Japanese language school?The following is a small introduction to the study of Baili World for everyone.

Registration conditions

1) Age and education:

University graduates are no more than 35 years old, and high school or secondary school graduates are 30 years old. Beyond this age depends on whether the school agrees.

2) Japanese level: Recently, many language schools require the simplest Japanese level. If not, you need to have a certificate of 150 hours of learning Japanese. Most open to about 200 hours.

The above are the most basic registration conditions, as long as the above conditions are met, you can apply to a language school. However, if you want to enter a high-school, well-known language school, you need to meet the conditions of the language school.

For example, some language schools only have high school diplomas above the two lines of college entrance examination scores, and two or more undergraduate students in China.

Some schools require that they must refer to the domestic college entrance examination and score on the specialist line. Some secondary and high school students do not require grades, but they need graduates within 5 years. There are also language schools that do not accept students with training experience. Whether you can register for a favorite language school, you need to confirm with the language school.

2. Materials to be submitted

At the beginning, you need to submit the registration form prescribed by the school. After the examination is passed or the interview is approved, you need to submit the following information.

Applicant information

1) Application for admission

2) 5 photos (A good school requires size)

3) Graduation certificate (original)

4) Transcripts Proof of results for each semester of the final qualification

5) Academic qualification

6) A copy of the passport.

7) Japanese language study certificate. A certificate of Japanese language study for more than 150 hours is required.

8) Japanese language qualification (if any)

9) Vows The school provides templates

10) Accommodation application Only for those who stay in the dormitory.

11) Copy of the household registration book (The information on the account book must be consistent with the current situation)

Fund payer information

1 Funding Payment Book The school provides a template.

2 proof of deposit (certificate of bank opening, generally 150,000 yuan or 200,000 yuan, frozen for 3 months)

3 employment certificate

In the case of a staff member, submit a certificate of employment

2 In the case of the operator, submit a business license

4 proof of income (revenue of the past 3 years)

5 proof of kinship

6 passbook copies

Each school will indicate the specific requirements on the list that needs to submit the information. Be sure to do it according to the requirements of the school, otherwise you will need to re-do the information.

3. How much is the tuition fee?

Tuition fees generally include entrance fees, teaching fees, teaching materials, insurance, etc. The total is generally around 700,000 yen.

For the following language school as an example, let's calculate how much it costs for the initial cost.

1) The first year of tuition is 700,000 yen + the first half of the accommodation fee is 30,000 yen / month, and the six months is 180,000 yen.

The total amount given to the school is 880,000 yen

2) Self-living expenses: eating + communication fee + transportation + water and electricity fee It is recommended to prepare for half a year.

50,000 yen from / month, half a year, totaling 300,000 yen

3) Plus, when you first arrive in Japan, you need to buy some daily necessities, do a mobile phone network, etc. It is recommended to prepare an additional 100,000 yen.

The above total is 1.28 million yen, and now the exchange rate of 100 yen = 16 yuan, the RMB is 80,000. The school's minimum start-up capital is 80,000 yuan.

4. Application process

You can find a school by yourself or find an school through an intermediary. Intermediary introduction language schools are free, and tuition fees will not change regardless of whether or not they pass through the intermediary.

Have a reliable intermediary and save some time. If you want to apply for it yourself, you can contact the school yourself.

The first step: find a school registration, fill out some registration forms

The second step: the first review qualified, interview. Some schools have no interviews

Part III: Get the acceptance letter and pay the registration fee of 20,000 or 30,000 yen. (Some schools finally offer admission notices when they stay in the download)

The fourth step; prepare the information according to the requirements of the school within the time specified by the school.

Step 5: School application for residence status

Step 6: After paying, pay the tuition fee, the school will mail the student to stay.

Step 7: Students take a stay, apply for a visa, buy a ticket, and report to Japan.

5. How do language schools go to class?

Language schools are half-day classes. Or morning or afternoon. Free time for extracurricular time.

You can work or study on your own.

Classes are taught in accordance with the Japanese language level. The teachers are all teachers who have Japanese language education qualifications. They are all Japanese, and they are all Japanese.

Weekend weekend, rest on Japanese national holidays.

I would like to introduce you to the Japanese language school, and I hope that it will help the applicant. If you have any questions or are interested, you can call the freelance to consult the experts studying abroad.

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