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With the reform and opening up and the exchanges between China and Japan, more and more students choose to study in Japan. For students who dream of going to Japan, there are some doubts in their hearts. In order to help the applicants, this article introduces the common sense of studying in Japan.


Japanese study application, Japanese study application knowledge

 Japan's study abroad is cost-effective, and it is getting more and more attention from small partners.Take you to the basics of studying abroad.
  One or three stages
Undergraduate students: undergraduate students = faculty students, the faculty of the examination = undergraduate examinations in Japan, graduated with a bachelor's degree. The basic requirements have 12 years of educational experience.
Graduate students: Japanese masters and doctors are studying at the graduate school. They are all graduate students. Master's degree students are called "monks" or "pre-doctoral" in Japan, and doctoral students are "doctors" or "post-doctoral". Graduated with a master's degree or a doctorate. The monk requires at least 15 years of educational experience.
Postgraduate: The pre-university stage of a monk or doctor, also known as an auditor, can use the school resources in the school to prepare for the exam.
  Second, four kinds of exams
Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): The most effective and recognized test for measuring Japanese language proficiency, which can be used as a application for the Faculty and Graduate School.
Practical Japanese Language Appraisal Test (J.TEST): It is used to apply for the exams for the language school's regular examinations.
Japanese International Student Examination (EJU): Students are mainly enrolled in the Examinations Department. The subjects are: Japanese, Mathematics, and Literary/Research. A few colleges and universities need EJU scores.
On-campus examination: The self-administered examinations arranged by the faculty or the college have interviews, written examinations, etc., and can become formal students through the internal examination.
  Three or two processes
Faculty progression process:
Learning Language→Enrolling Language School→Reviewing Exams, Competency Tests→Participating in EJU→Using Results for Schools→Participating in Schools→Qualified Admissions
Graduate school progression process:
Learning language → Determining the application target → Studying a professional course, taking a language test → Preparing the application materials → (Applying for a graduate student) → Participating in a monk school entrance examination → Qualifying admission
 Four or two locations
Domestic: Both the Faculty and the Faculty have a way to prepare for further studies in the country. For college students, the impact is small in China or in Japan. For students who are students of the faculty, it is recommended to apply to a language school in Japan first. There is not much restriction on the school and the profession.
Japan: It is more convenient to have a visa to study in Japan, such as a language school in Japan. You can arrive in Japan first, and it is more convenient to hold a visa. However, the study of Japanese and culture classes is still planned according to the time of admission to the target.
The overall characteristics of studying in Japan are: specific to each school, each major has different requirements. Therefore, the planning for further studies is very important. As the first stop for further studies in Japan, whether it is for students or college students, the choice of language schools must be very cautious.
About the application for studying in Japan: I will introduce you to the general knowledge of studying abroad, and I hope to help the applicant. If you have any questions or are interested, you can call the freelance to consult the experts studying abroad.
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