What kinds of scholarships can I apply for studying in Japan?

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Students who study abroad want to apply for scholarships. Students who are studying in Japan are no exception. To help you, this article introduces you to the types of scholarships you can apply for in Japan.


Japanese Scholarship for Studying in Japan, Scholarship for Studying in Japan

 In order to apply for a high scholarship, overseas students must not only improve their academic performance, but also learn more about the types of scholarship applications.What kinds of scholarships can I apply for studying in Japan?The following is a small introduction to the study of Baili World for everyone.
 The types of scholarships in Japan mainly include the following:
1. Scholarship of the Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology);
2. Self-funded foreign students study incentive fees;
3. Local government scholarships;
4. Scholarships for civil society;
5. Scholarships established by institutions of higher learning and so on.
Students who want to apply for scholarships can pay attention to the school's bulletin board or read the information magazines that publish scholarships. In addition, the National University of Japan has a full or half-reimbursement system for students with financial difficulties, but the types of documents required and the number of licenses are different.
  The scholarship for studying in Japan is described as follows:
Japanese scholarship applications are very different from other countries. The Japanese scholarship application is based on the student's study in Japan and is not directly related to the domestic study history (except for the Japanese government to invite scholarships). Here are a few common scholarship types that you can refer to.
  1. Japanese Government (Ministry of Education) Scholarship
For foreign students who are going to university in Japan, please refer to the International Student Division of the university for application materials and procedures.
  2. Foreign students study rewards
In Japan, international students studying at various schools are considered to be excellent in both academics and academics, and those who need financial assistance in studying abroad can pay through their schools. For detailed instructions on registration, you can ask the competent department of your school after you arrive at the school.
 3. Local government scholarships
The local government of Japan pays scholarships to people who live in the autonomous body or students who go to school in the autonomous body.
 4. Civil society scholarships
Scholarships paid by private companies or private scholarship groups. As with the local government scholarships, there are various types of payment, in addition to tuition and living expenses, as well as dormitory subsidies, national health insurance subsidies, transportation subsidies, and book coupons.
  5. School scholarships
The school scholarship is a scholarship that the school pays for the formal student.
 6. Tuition fee reduction system
The Japan International Education Association is targeted at international students (including graduate schools) and short-term universities. The amount of assistance is limited to 30% of tuition fees.
Those who wish to receive scholarships are generally required to pass a written examination of the materials, through written examinations such as education and specialized fields of knowledge and language, interview examinations and other examinations to determine whether scholarships can be obtained.
I would like to introduce you to the types of scholarships you can apply for in Japan. I hope to help applicants. If you have any questions or are interested, you can call the freelance to consult the experts studying abroad.
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