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                                        [Listening Materials] "Newly Complete Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 Listening"

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"New Fully Comprehension Japanese Proficiency Test N1 Listening (2nd Edition)" is the second edition of the listening volume. Compared with the first edition, there is no change in the Japanese original content. We just translated the Japanese explanation into Chinese and gave The original text of the listening text has been added to facilitate the learners to use themselves. The first part is the introduction of the topic type, which introduces the tendency of the problem and the problem-solving skills of the five types of topics, such as understanding the subject, understanding the key points, understanding the summary, instant response and comprehensive understanding. The second part is the ability to improve. Begin with familiarity with the characteristics of speech, and learn the problem-solving skills of “instant answer” and “understanding summary” questions. The third part is two sets of simulation questions to help learners test the learning effect. The fourth part is the answer and the original text of the listening (appendix translation). The learner can further understand the content of the test questions and the problem-solving skills by comparing the original Japanese text with the Chinese translation.

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On the basis of the first edition of the book, the book continues to retain the essence of the original Japanese content, but added translations to Japanese explanations and examples. At the same time, the answer analysis is added to all the comprehensive exercises and simulation questions to make it easier for learners to learn and use.

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