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                                        [Reading Information] "Newly Complete Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 Reading"

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This document is a newly upgraded and revised Japanese language test book based on the requirements of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

1, ability to improve articles: including comments, commentary, essays, advertisements, notices, instructions, etc., lists the various articles commonly found in the exam. Each article corresponds to a type of problem, training learners to grasp the ability to focus on reading. The final section also lists the same questions as the actual exam questions. Help students learn to get used to the new exam form by answering these questions.

2, simulation test articles: This section provides the same simulation test topics as the actual test form. Learners can try to complete this part of the reading problem within the specified time. Through this exercise, it is clear how to allocate time more reasonably in the formal exam, and prepare for the exam before the exam.

Content structure:

Part 1 comments, commentary, essays, etc.

1. Understand the structure of the article - the practice of grasping the overall meaning of the article

1) [Comparative] compared with other things

Column 1 common sense trap

2) [transform speech] use other words to change the statement

3) [figurative] is likened to other things

Box 2 Your point of view, the author's point of view

4) [question prompt sentence] use question line to prompt arguments

Column 3 notes the interrogative sentence

2. Master problem-solving skills - practice understanding the details of the article correctly

1) Ask questions about the indicator

2) Question about "who" and "what"

Column 4 pays attention to katakana vocabulary

3) Ask questions about the meaning of the line part

4) Ask questions on the grounds

5) Ask questions as an example

Part 2 advertisements, notices, instructions, etc.

1. Grasp the whole - ask questions about the overall content of the article


Flash point:

1. Introduce the basic points of the basic reading, and carry out corresponding exercises for this point.

2. The explanation of the example makes the description more concise and easy to understand by using marker symbols and the like. The detailed explanation of the exercise is in the appendix after the book.

3. The book includes new questions in the new Japanese language proficiency test, including notices, instructions, advertisements and other practical articles, which can enable learners to get adequate training.


I sincerely hope that in the preparation process of the new Japanese language proficiency test, this book can help learners, and also hope that learners can become a useful assistant for scholars when they need to use Japanese in their study, life and work.

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