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Summary:On May 19, 2019, the TOEFL test colloquial machine was tested, including six true questions in spoken language. Each true question has a corresponding answering idea and reference essay, hoping to help candidates solve the problem of preparing for the test.

Key words:On May 19, 2019, the TOEFL test slot machine was predicted, and the TOEFL test machine was predicted on May 19, 2019.
Machine content:

This article is a test of the TOEFL Speaking Machine on May 19, 2019, including essay, answering ideas, background knowledge, academic scenes, and vocabulary. It can break through the difficult problems in the four TOEFL tests. This article isThe TOEFL test slot machine was predicted on May 19, 2019.The content of the real question is more, helping the candidates to overcome one by one.

On May 19, 2019, the TOEFL test slot machine was predicted (partial content display):

Lifestyle writing ideas:

1, health

• Daily exercise prevents many diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and other dangerous diseases.

• Vegetarians bring many benefits to people's health, such as reducing the risk of dangerous diseases and preventing cancer.

• Traveling out, relieve stress and release fatigue

2. Place of residence

1) Small town

• The life of a small town can bring children closer to nature and contribute to their healthy growth.

• The natural environment of small towns is more beneficial to humans.

• Small towns have low pressure, such as: convenient transportation, cheap house

2) Big city

• Living in a big city has more convenient and superior learning and living conditions;

• Large cities have more advanced medical resources;

• There are many job opportunities in large cities and work benefits are comprehensive.

3. Travel

1) Companion travel

• You won’t feel lonely when you travel with you.

• Traveling with a partner is safe, fun and comfortable.

• Companion travel can share these experiences with others.

2) Travel alone

• Planned travel alone

• Traveling alone can learn to deal with issues independently.

Lifestyle class topics:

1. Exam time: 2015-5-30CN

Top: Some people prefer to solve a challenge all by themselves. Others prefer to depend on other people's help. Which do you prefer and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.

2. Exam time: 2016-11-26CN

Topic: Do you agree or disagree? It is important to live close to your families. Please use examples and explanations to support your position.

3, the test date: 2014-11-2CN

Topic: Some people prefer to listen to or watch news every day, while others prefer to listen to or watch news occasionally. Which way do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

4. Exam time: 2014-6-29CN

Title: Some people prefer to plan for future, some people prefer to concentrate on the present and not plan at all.

5, the test date: 2015-12-12CN

Top: If you have a misunderstanding with your friend, do you prefer talking it out in a public place or in a private place?

6, the test questions appear time: 2014-12-28CN

Title: When on a trip, some people like to keep a journal and take pictures. Others just look. Which do you prefer and why?
The above is the predicted content of the TOEFL test slot machine on May 19, 2019. Click to download the TOEFL test machine on May 19, 2019. The TOEFL test is complete and you can get familiar with and master the TOEFL test questions. This machine has more real questions, I hope candidates can prepare early, so that more time is reserved for the test.

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