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 The quality and recognition of the top schools in the UK are quite high. In order to help students who are studying abroad, this article introduces you to the universities that are good and cheap in the UK.


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 When choosing to go abroad, many factors should be considered, especially in institutions, then,What are the colleges in the UK that are good and cheap?The following is a small introduction to the study of Baili World for everyone.
1. Coventry University
International student annual tuition: £9,000-12,600
The lowest tuition fee is a new finalist, Coventry University, with international student tuition as low as £9,000. Compared to those universities with high rankings in the UK, the cost difference is not a little bit. Oxford's international student tuition is £24,750. Coventry University QS
The 2019 World Rankings 571-580 is also the fastest growing university in the UK with 31,700 students. In 2017, he won the British Teaching Excellence Gold Award and 97% of the graduates were employed within six months of graduation.
  Second, Royal Agricultural University
International student annual tuition: £10,000
The second lowest tuition fee is this specialized university. The Royal Agricultural University was founded in 1845 and is the oldest academy in the English-speaking world. The school is located in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, a market town with a charming Roman origin.
  Third, Suffolk University
International student annual tuition: £10,080
Suffolk University, one of the youngest universities in the UK, was established in 2007 and has only 12 years of history and is one of the UK's lowest international student fees. There are only 5,000 students in the school, and girls account for a large proportion. Five campuses, the main campus is located in Ipswich.
  University of Cumbria
International student annual tuition: £10,500
In the northwest, another tuition fee is much lower than that of other universities in the UK. In 2007, the merger of many schools, the University of Cumbria continues to expand in academic and floor space.
  V. Western Scotland University
International student annual tuition: £10,600
The Scottish International Student Minimum School is the largest modern university in Scotland. The University of Western Scotland has approximately 16,000 students on five campuses, including Paisley, Hamilton, Dumfries, Ayr, and London.
  Sixth, Sunderland University
International student annual tuition: £10,500
The international student tuition is very low. The predecessor was the Sunderland Institute of Technology, founded in 1901, and was promoted to university in 1992. There are two campuses in Sunderland, a campus in London and a new campus in Hong Kong.
  7. Ravensburn University, London
International student annual tuition: £10,800-13,500
Another good choice near London, this is a small university in East Greenwich, currently ranked top 150 in art design for the QS world, and received the Silver Award for Teaching Excellence from the UK government in 2017.
  Eight, Wales Trinity St. David University
International student annual tuition: £11,000
If you want to study in Wales, this school is ideal, with the lowest international tuition fees. St. David's University in Wales is a relatively young school that was formed in 2010 by the merger of several of Wales' oldest universities, including the University of Wales, the University of Wales, and the Trinity College.
 9. Plymouth St. Mark and St. John's University
International student annual tuition: £11,000
In the 2018/19 school year, the UK's International Student Minimum School was tied for eighth place. Plymouth St. Mark and St. John's University is a small university outside Plymouth, southwest England. Green campuses, small classes, and many majors offer internship opportunities.
 X. Buckinghamshire New University
International student annual tuition: £11,000
The third UK International Student Minimum School is tied for eighth place and has three campuses, High Wycombe, Uxbridge and Aylesbury. This school is suitable for students who want to live near London but don't want to pay too much tuition.
For colleges and universities in the UK, good and cheap colleges and universities are introduced here, I hope to help applicants. If you have any questions or are interested, you can call the freelance to consult the experts studying abroad.
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