What are the advantages and disadvantages of the type of accommodation in the UK?

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 Accommodation is closely related to the life of international students. Only when the accommodation problem is solved can students learn with peace of mind. In order to help everyone, this article is a small series for everyone to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the type of accommodation in the UK.


 Advantages and disadvantages of studying in the UK, studying in the UK

The accommodations for studying in the UK mainly include school dormitories, homestays and off-campus rentals.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the type of accommodation in the UK?The following is a small introduction to the study of Baili World for everyone.

First, Homestay (Homestay)

Students can rent a private home for rent and live with the homeowner or their family. Kitchen equipment is available and is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Although this type of accommodation allows students to be accompanied and supported by others, on the other hand, they will not be able to live completely independently. This will be cheaper than a student apartment. Host families can apply through the school or find their own.

The difference is that the school may charge an additional fee, that is, not only to pay the homestay rent per week, but also to pay the school some money. If you are staying with a host family through a website or a friend, the cost will be much cheaper.


The biggest advantage is cultural learning. You have the opportunity to participate in the life of ordinary British families. It is a good way to feel the local culture.

In this kind of situation where you need to speak English, the amount of spoken language, accent, and words will increase rapidly without knowing it. Many students will speak fluently in two or three months!


The average host family offers two meals - breakfast and dinner, and lunch needs to be resolved by yourself. Many homestay families are also not allowed to open fire on their own. Therefore, many students may have some difficulties in considering Chinese food.

For people

At 18 years of age or younger, the independence is weaker, the overall English level (especially speaking) is weaker, and I hope to integrate into the British local culture and life more quickly.

Second, the school dormitory (Student Accommodation)

British university residences are Catered and Self-catered.

Catered includes meals (both in the morning and evening), and Self-catered is the student's own solution to the meal problem. You can choose to eat the cafeteria or cook in the kitchen yourself. The kitchen facilities in the dormitory can be shared, but the kitchen utensils, pots and pans The basin is for students to bring their own.

On the basis of this type, there are mainly three types:


In the single room, the student union has a separate bedroom, usually equipped with single beds, desks, chairs, bookshelves and wardrobes. Some of the dorms have single sinks, shared toilets and kitchens.

There are two types here. One is that there is a small wash basin in the bedroom. Under normal circumstances, this room will not be tidal. There is also an ordinary room without a wash basin. This type of room is usually cleaned by a special person.

The bathroom and the kitchen are shared, the number of people is not necessarily the same, there is some trouble, but the price is not high.

En suite

The configuration is the same as for a single room, but with a separate bathroom, the kitchen is still to be shared. It's a bit like what we usually call “a few rooms and one hall”. This kind of house is mainly suitable for students who don't want to share bathroom with others. This type of dormitory is moderately priced.


The basic configuration is similar to the above two, but the students will have their own bathroom and kitchen, and basically do not share facilities with others, which greatly protects privacy.

But there is not much room other than the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen (no living room). This room type is more expensive.

In addition to the above three types of rooms, there are two other types, Twin Room and One Bed Flat. These two types of rooms are not common in UK university dorms and are usually only available in a few dormitories in large cities.

Twin Room

Twin Room is equivalent to the en suite shared by two people. There is usually a partition between the two beds, but not each has a separate room.

The bathroom, bathroom and kitchen configuration is basically the same as the en suite (or Studio). However, it is best to think about choosing such a room because the daily contact between the two people is very close and there is less privacy.

One Bed Flat

This is a very expensive room type, which is equivalent to adding a living room to the Studio, which means that you have a small independent apartment.


1. You can meet many people from different countries' cultural backgrounds;

2, lively, popular;

3, convenient, do not have to worry about the problem of bill, what is not easy to use can directly talk to the school;

4. Very close to the school and the library;

5, in addition to private things, the furniture facilities are complete, no need to prepare;

6, the kitchen school will generally find someone to clean, students are only responsible for dumping garbage and packing their own house.


Catered: The diet problem is always a problem. Although it is convenient for those who don't have to cook, the rice in the cafeteria does not have any choices.

Self-catered: You need to cook yourself, and the kitchen should be shared with others.

Studio: There is always a dish in the room, and it will be lonely;

En-suit: The common kitchen depends on the roommates in your communal kitchen. If there are too many people in the common kitchen and the kitchen is small, it will be crowded when cooking.

Standard: Public toilets and bathrooms are a big problem, especially for girls or people with cleanliness.

Price: The student dormitory adopts the deposit + rent mode. The deposit can be returned basically. Because it is not a school management, it is a formal student dormitory management company outsourcing, and the reputation is relatively guaranteed.

Damaged things are to be compensated, and depending on the length of the contract, the old and new, the type and location of the dormitory will have different price points, but in general it is cheaper than the host family and similar to renting a house.

Summary: UK university dorm applications generally have a separate application system, open application time is not the same. If you have already identified the school you are attending, then always pay attention to the school's accommodation information and apply as soon as possible. The dormitory of a British university is still very tense. There may be no place in the evening.

Third, the apartment outside the apartment (Private Renting)

If you don't want to live in a homestay or dormitory, you generally choose to rent out a house, which is more free and warm.

However, the risk of renting a house is very high. It is possible to encounter a bad landlord, and it is relatively troublesome to find a safe neighborhood. The website and channels for finding a house are too many. For the sake of safety, it is recommended that you introduce through a study agent or a classmate or friend.

Advantages: There is a strong autonomy in the region, price and personnel selection, students should carefully review your rental contract! Each item will be listed in great detail!

Disadvantages: It is very important to meet a good roommate.

Price: deposit + rent + bill + agency fee + furniture fee + Council Tax. The average rent for a month is really not easy to estimate. The prices in different cities and regions are different.

The general deposit is a prepaid 4 to 6 week rent, plus the rent for the first month, but this depends on the rules of your landlord or intermediary. Some real estate agents also need to show proof of funds to students. If you are afraid of your reputation, It is also possible to let you pay 6 months or more at once.

Bill: Including water, electricity, gas, and network fees. If the rent is not included, these must be made by yourself. If you share it with others, you should share it. However, if you rent a house, it is the cheapest way to stay. The more people you live with, the cheaper you are.

Council Tax: Renting a house is to pay taxes to the local government. However, the UK stipulates that students can be exempted, but it is not automatically exempted. You must open a letter with the school, and then tell the district government that it will be exempted. You will continue to charge after you graduate.

In general, the price of the host family may be the most expensive, but it is also the most insightful. Living in a school dormitory, the number of times the fire and the drunken classmates may wake up may be the most, but it is also the closest to college life, the most affordable bed, the most excuses not to go to class.

Renting a house by yourself may be the most problematic, but it is also the most promising, with the largest free space. After all, we always have to learn to get along with all kinds of people and solve many things independently.

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the type of accommodation in the UK, I would like to introduce you here, I hope to be helpful to the applicant. If you have any questions or are interested, you can call the freelance to consult the experts studying abroad.

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