Have you encountered these problems when you apply for a visa to study in the UK?

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 In the process of applying for a visa for studying in the UK, students often encounter such problems. In order to better help you, this article introduces you to what problems you will encounter when you apply for a visa for studying in the UK.


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 In recent years, more and more students have gone to study in the UK, and visas are a necessary part of the application.Have you encountered these problems when you apply for a visa to study in the UK?The following is a small introduction to the study of Baili World for everyone.
  Q1. When submitting a visa in China, must you go to the visa center where the account is located?
A: You can choose to submit your application at the nearest Visa Center, and you don't have to go back to your account to submit it.
  Q2. (How long does it take to get my visa after the visa is submitted?)
A: Your visa application will receive a confirmation letter from Home Office about one week after submission, and you will receive a fingerprint letter in a week or so. After you press your fingerprint, Home Office will continue to process your materials. In general, the entire material review cycle in the UK is around 8 weeks.
  Q3. What should I do if I submit my visa in the UK but I did not receive the visa card before the start of school?
A: If you choose a face-to-face in the UK, you can get back all the submitted documents quickly, and you can receive the visa card within about one week. If you choose to sign the card, you may need to go through an audit time of about eight weeks. If you fail to get a visa card before the start of school, you will need to go to the school to register with the visa.
 Q4. Have you ever studied in the UK, do you still need to do tuberculosis testing after going abroad again?
A: The Immigration Department requires students who submit student visas from China to have a tuberculosis test. Therefore, even if you have had a learning experience in the UK, you still need to provide a tuberculosis examination certificate. Tuberculosis examinations can be checked according to the nearest hospital in your city.
  Q5. Do you need to provide a tuberculosis test report after reading a pre-school language course of less than six months?
A: Although the Pre-sessional course you are attending is less than 6 months, the Pre-sessional course and the following main course (usually more than 6 months) are highly relevant and you are likely to end up at the Pre-sessional course. After continuing to stay in the UK for the main course, you will need to provide a tuberculosis test report when submitting a Pre-sessional course visa application.
Q6. In addition to the tuberculosis test report, is there a health certificate?
A: The tuberculosis test certificate is a document submitted by the UK Visa and Immigration Bureau. Any visa applicant who has been in the visa for more than 6 months must submit it when applying for a visa. The health quarantine certificate is required by the UK Customs to be presented in the UK. Submitted within the territory according to the instructions of the staff. The health certificate inspection requires a medical examination at the local international travel health center or the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau.
 Q7. What circumstances will result in a refusal?
A: It mainly includes the following: there have been history of visa refusal, unclear source of funds, unclear motivation of students studying abroad, lack of visa materials or falsification, personal immigration tendency of students, and poor English ability of students themselves.
 Q8. How long does it take to get a domestic visa?
A: Generally, it takes about half a month for the material review period to apply for visas in China. It is best for students to set aside enough time to prepare all the application materials, so as to avoid the visas being too late to delay the entrance time. If the visa time is urgent. If you are a student, you can pay an extra fee for the expedited service on the day you submit your visa.
 Q9. Can I use the deposit under my parents' name?
A: It is possible to use the deposit under the parent's name, but it is necessary to submit the account book, the birth certificate, the original letter of the fund authorization letter signed by the parent as proof.
 Q10. Can I make an appointment before I get my CAS and the deposit is full for 28 days?
A: At present, only the funds have been deposited for at least 28 days and the CAS has been received before the date of the visa application can be made. Because the date of the visa submission is the date of the online appointment, if the CAS is about to be obtained, but the deposit is less than 28 days, the appointment date will be refused.
Do you have any questions about the UK study visa? Please introduce it to everyone and hope to help the applicant. If you have any questions or are interested, you can call the freelance to consult the experts studying abroad.
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