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University of British Columbia study and share
City impression

UBC is located in Vancouver, Vancouver, backed by the sea, the landmark building of Vancouver, the center of Canada. Vancouver is surrounded by forests and oceans and has a very good environment. It is considered to be the second most livable city in the world. When you come to Vancouver, you will find that the scenery here is very good and it is a very beautiful city.

There is still a lot to say about the weather. The summer sun is sufficient. In August, you will find a sunny and suitable climate. It will start to be cloudy in September, and it will continue to rain from October to February. Because this is a temperate maritime climate, there are more rains, and everyone still needs to pay attention to rain and moisture. There is also the snow in Vancouver. In fact, there is not much snow here. Only a lot of snowfall will appear on the snowy mountains.

Culture, the local culture on the Vancouver side is nothing, more is a foreign culture, so here you will see a lot of Japanese culture, Chinese culture and some small national culture and indigenous culture, these Culture is very valued in this European style, there will be many cultural festivals, and interested students can participate in it~

The biggest feeling I have come to Vancouver is people in Vancouver. They are very friendly. If you can't find directions when you get off the plane, you can ask any passerby to give you directions very warmly and carefully. People here are very fond of playing. In many cases, the style that is used directly to play out appears in public, which is very interesting.

School characteristics

UBC is also known as the University of British Columbia, the world's leading public research university. One of the most difficult universities in Canada to apply for. The overall ranking is second. In fact, everyone should know what to apply for in this school, I will not talk about it, let's talk about the specific things of the school. UBC has a total of 12 colleges: College of Science, School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine and Law School of Land and Food Systems, Graduate School, Forestry College, College of Education, School of Dentistry, Suntech Business School, College of Humanities, College of Applied Science. Medical schools and law schools generally do not accept international students, and if they can apply, it is very powerful.

Professional Courses

Let me introduce you to UBC's courses, including compulsory courses and elective courses. The compulsory courses include basic courses and professional courses. The basic course must be repaired, because it is impossible for you to repair all the professional courses. You must allocate your time reasonably. Which basic course should be repaired first, which professional course, etc., you need to choose some other classes. Elective course.You can look at this is my freshman's class schedule. Mathematics, computer, scie113. Every college has such a course. For example, our college is scie113, which means that how you become a scientist is very useful. It is recommended that you take this course in the first semester, because it is very useful to teach you how to write a thesis and report.

If you are a professional class, you don't have to worry about it being very boring. In the course, the teachers will guide everyone's interest and pay great attention to the curriculum practice. The teachers are also very interesting, you will meet a variety of different styles of teachers. The chemistry teacher will dye the robes into a lot of colors, and the more colors, the better. The little brother of Pakistan who teaches mathematics will be funny when he is in business, and he will be active.

Highlights on the course content: Foundation credits - the required credits for each freshman, each college is different. For example, the basic credits of scie are 27 points, which means that you must have 27 credits in the freshman year to graduate from the freshman year. According to each subject, the credit requirements are different, but all must meet the requirements to enter the next school year.

Regarding the academic system, UBC is not a standard four-year university. It doesn't care if you read for a few years. You can read it as long as you want to read it. You don't care if you graduated for four years or five years. Just ask you to graduate with enough credits or enough courses.

As for the elective course, when I was fresh in school, I was actually admitted to the college.When I graduated, I will apply for the department.This department may be the computer department, physics department, engineering department, etc. that you want to apply for. But it may not be your final department, because it can still be transferred, as long as it is your course, knowledge connection is no problem.Determine the major you want to read in your junior year.In the more professional areas to learn, more systematic learning.

Everyone may be studying the SAT, the college entrance examination, etc. There may be a big difference in the background of knowledge, but no matter what, in the country, try to learn as much as possible.

UBC's enrollment preferences are more confident students.

Admission introduction

Mobile phone card - fido, the signal coverage is very good, the price is relatively moderate;

UBCcard - can eat, wash clothes, verify identity, etc.;

The laundry card used exclusively for the dormitory is 1.5 knives for washing once; 0.5 knives for drying;

Traffic Card - Used in Vancouver by car, you can activate for the next month on the last day of each month.

In the school dormitory, there will be volunteers to do check-in. What you need to bring is your admission notice. The volunteer will give you a big bag of information.

New homes, totem park prices are cheaper. New students and those under the age of 19 may be assigned to this dormitory without a kitchen. The personal space is relatively small and the bathroom is public.

There are four or two people sharing a dormitory like a living room, each with a room, and the price is relatively expensive. I live in this dormitory. However, this is only 19 years old and can only apply, you can apply according to your own situation.

There are two canteens in the school. I personally think that the price is more favorable, but the taste is not very good, and I feel personal. Chinese food is also available, but not very authentic.


The scenery of the school is still very beautiful, and the design of the teaching building is also very fashionable.

UBC classrooms are generally larger. Maybe because there are more people.

Free swimming pool, you can go swimming with UBCcard, pay attention to the opening hours.

Sports venues generally have competitions and will charge an entrance fee.

UBC Culture: Everything has UBC's special perimeter, including clothes, hats, shoes, glasses, bags, etc., and the price will be slightly more expensive. If you want, you can buy it from the store.

At the end of each year, there will be a streaking festival. At 9 o'clock in the winter, from the south side of the school's north runway, this is actually a public welfare festival. At the end of the period, the pressure and self-release of the exams were released, and in fact, when they were streaking, their clothes were donated to the non-profit organizations.

Living content

Recommend a clothing brand uk goose, because Canada is a maritime climate, in fact, it is relatively cold, this brand is a Canadian native brand.

Eating Chinese food in Vancouver is still relatively easy to eat. Chinese people with many previous generations of immigrants will open some Chinese food restaurants. There are also a lot of Japanese food here. I would like to recommend an address to Alexandra Rd, which is a Chinese-opened restaurant.

Shopping recommends a supermarket for everyone, called Datonghua, mainly for Chinese people. Basically, things that are bought in Chinese supermarkets can be bought here, especially ingredients and spices. There is also a supermarket in Canada, London drugs, is a comprehensive supermarket, mistakes, electronic products, etc. are very comprehensive, the price is relatively favorable.

Vancouver's largest malls, luxury goods and valuable items are here.

Metropolis is a relatively popular, large-scale collection of shopping malls. But it is far from the school.

Recommend a second-hand shop for everyone: Because the price of the bicycle is very expensive, it is about a price of 800 knives or more, and the phenomenon of stealing cars here is also very serious. If you want to buy a bicycle at UBC, you can buy one first. Used car, Jiawei is about 100 knives, the quality is not bad. Skiing and other sports facilities are also available for purchase.

Recommended spots

I will introduce you to a few places where you must go to Vancouver. This is a suspension bridge park.

This is the place for skiing in Vancouver. You can ski, there are cable cars, ropeways, etc., but it is far away and you need to be the shuttle bus for this mountain. The second one is the beauty of the scenery. Also relatively close.

Cycling recommended, the woods and the sea, there are many people walking, there are also special roads for riding, the air is very good, close to the original forest level.

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