Research PhD and Master's degree

- Australian Ph.D. Soaring Program
  • Research degree
  • Study abroad
  • Five-stage background improvement plan
  • Document writing and magnetic application transparent
Case review
  • The case is rich in resources.
    Various types
  • Set of magnetic five-parts,
    High success rate
Product introduction
name Australian Doctor-Tengfei Plan
Producer Baili World Education Group Australia College
Product Positioning Under the years of resource accumulation and teaching research, the Australian College of Bailey Education Group has applied for a comprehensive Ph.D. and Master's degree program for graduate students who are determined to be engaged in scientific research.
Program purpose For the need to study abroad, that is, the background improvement, professional, school determination, paper writing, school application, pre-service visa service, the University of Guangzhou provides quality study abroad products.
Suitable for the crowd
1. Expect to study a research degree in Australia;
                        2, like to engage in research, can accept academic research for long-term scientific research projects abroad;
                        3. Students with excellent backgrounds have certain scientific research experience and scientific research ability.

Attachment: Australian Master (Research) / PhD Admission Criteria

name Specific requirements
Standardized test compliance IELTS minimum 6.5+, single item no less than 6; TOEFL scores need to see the specific requirements of the school; basic language-free class How to apply for a small enough score
GPA compliance The average score of the two non-academic colleges is 85+, and the average score of 211/985 is 80+. GPA does not meet the standard can apply
Rich software background 1. Requires rich research experience; 2. Published at least 2 papers, SCI first How to improve software strength
Application documents have characteristics Including CV, research plan, recommendation letter personal statement, detailed description of their own research experience and future planning. I want to polish the paperwork
Easily respond to interviews Depending on the circumstances of the magnetic set, the doctor is likely to interview. What are the interview counseling content?
Product advantages

Professional Australian Study Abroad Service Team Many-to-one service team Focus on Australian elite application

Rich Australian famous school case Five-stage background improvement plan Personalized time planning

Deeply mine valuable information Comprehensive customary school application planning plan Document planning, transparent throughout

Scientific and effective set of magnetic five-part Visa guidance Interview counseling

product content
1) Background upgrade service stage a, five-stage teaching - improve the software and hardware background b, science curriculum - effective planning
                                c, brainstorming - knowing ourselves and knowing d, software project - improving background
e, process and stare - ensure the effect
2) Prestigious school application planning stage a, science course - effective application b, magnetic guidance
c, document planning - deep excavation d, the manager checks off - peace of mind
e, school application - comprehensive guidance f, alumni alliance - learn to use
client feedback