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——Canadian Masters Tengfei Plan A (Business)
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  • Many-to-one service system
  • Rich Canadian Masters Success Story
  • Comprehensive customary school application planning plan
  • Project management
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Name graduation
GPA Language
M classmate Beijing
a university
Economics + Psychology 85 IELTS 7
Single item 6.5
GMAT 620
Business analysis
York University
McMaster University
Carleton University
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K classmate United States
a university
mathematics 3.6/4.0 Exemption language
GRE 311
Management analysis McGill University
University of Montreal
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Product introduction
name Soaring Plan A-Canada Master (Business)
Producer Gabriel World Education Group Canada College
Product Positioning "Take a Plan A-Canadian Master (Business)" is a high-end elite product created by Bailey's Canadian College for many years. It is suitable for outstanding students who apply for business majors. It is equipped with a team of famous experts and managers to ensure the application results. Students apply to top universities.
The scope of application of famous schools:
Business (in the business area, the number of applicants is not limited) TOP6 schools:
McGill University, University of British Columbia, McMahon, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, York University
Program purpose The purpose of the study is to provide comprehensive study services, namely background improvement, professional analysis, school determination, interview guidance, paper writing, school application, admission follow-up, pre-visit line and other services to provide quality study abroad products. On the one hand, the project helps students to successfully apply for the ideal school; on the other hand, through one-on-one instruction throughout the course, the students are fully developed and fully prepared for studying abroad.
Suitable for the crowd
1. Expect to apply for a master's degree at a top prestigious Canadian business school;
            2. Your own conditions can meet the minimum requirements of top Canadian institutions.

Attachment: Canada's master's application for five standards

standard Specific requirements
Rational planning Canada's master's admissions are on a first-come, first-served basis; prepare materials early, learn about school preferences in advance and plan for improvement, which will help improve the success rate of applications.
Hardware score GPA at school: the embodiment of academic foundation and learning ability
                  English language scores: the embodiment of students' English proficiency, including TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
                  Standardized test scores: GRE/GMAT
Software background Academic background: research projects, academic papers, patents, etc.
                  Internship/work background: on-campus internship practice, full-time/part-time job, etc.
                  Event background: debates, professional competitions, clubs, student unions, etc.
College match Professional positioning: According to the strengths and weaknesses of their own ability, professional interests and employment expectations, combined with the Canadian application requirements to rationally locate the profession
                  School orientation: In-depth analysis of school characteristics, scientific matching institutions, combined with students' own needs and characteristics
Full display Material display: tap the characteristics of students and create personalized application materials such as documents and auxiliary materials.
                  Interview show: Guide students to fully demonstrate their own advantages based on the characteristics of the school
Product advantages

Senior Canadian Master's Expert Service Team Many-to-one service system Personalized time planning

Scientifically locate and match schools Comprehensive customary school application planning plan Rich Canadian Masters Success Story

Senior clerical teacher proofreading Project management

product content
1) Background upgrade service stage a. Five qualifications and five elements of the application for studying in Canada, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of students;
                  b. Full time planning for studying abroad, including academic planning, examination planning, background improvement planning, and application for study abroad;
                  c. The implementation of the background improvement plan is implemented, and matching software activities or short-term products are recommended;
2) Establishment and planning stage of study abroad a. Professional analysis: explain the professional branch, the characteristics of the degree, the curriculum setting of the master's degree, the difficulty of professional application and employment analysis;
                  b. School analysis: school profile and project application requirements and preferences; selection of school factors and factors; selection and determination of various batches of institutions;
                  c. Successful application case analysis and explanation: assisting students to complete scientific and rational school setting with the support of big data; learning from the experience of successful people, guiding the study abroad planning to be more efficient and targeted.
3) Application preparation stage a. Explain and guide the handling of funds;
                  b. Explanation and guidance on the issue of transcripts;
                  c. Explain and guide the handling of the proof;
4) The stage of writing service a, clerical thinking, brainstorming; b, Essay or personal statement planning and guidance;
                  c, recommender selection and recommendation letter writing guidance; d, personal resume writing guidance;
                  e, senior applicant's documents proofreading;
5) Interview guidance service stage a, apply for a school / professor interview appointment;
                  b, one-on-one interview guidance / magnetic guidance;
6) Interview guidance service stage a, the college application to fill in the guidance; b, the study abroad exam to send points guidance;
                  c, material delivery guidance; d, college admission tracking and feedback;
                  e. Final admission suggestions and guidance; f. Admission follow-up guidance;
7) Visa application service stage a, visa background analysis; b, personalized visa program design and planning;
                  c. Visa material preparation advice and guidance; d, visa appointment advice and guidance;
8) Pre-departure guidance service stage a. Assist in contacting Canada for accommodation and pick-up;
                  b. Precautionary materials and baggage preparation precautions;
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