Hit the Japanese TOP5 School

——Japan Graduate School Program
  • Apply for the TOP5 prestigious school in Japan
  • Covering multiple professional categories such as literature, science, engineering, business, and medicine
  • Document application transparent
  • A faculty team with many years of application experience escorted
Case review
  • Dongda, Jingda and other countries public
    TOP10 famous schools have many successful cases
  • G30 school
    Admission coverage
  • Independent Japanese application
    service team
Product introduction
name Japanese Master's Program (Pre-School) - Prestigious School Program
Producer Gabriel World Education Group Japan College
Product Positioning Over the years, I have intensively studied the enrollment requirements and admission preferences of famous Japanese schools, and applied for comprehensive projects for prestigious schools that are determined to apply for outstanding students from top5 institutions in Japan.
Program purpose To provide a full range of study abroad services for the University of Guangzhou, namely, background improvement planning, professional college determination, paper writing, college application and other services, to help students dream of a famous Japanese school.
Suitable for the crowd
1. I look forward to applying to the top five schools in Japan and have a clear professional direction.
                                  2, there is a famous school complex, the college is positioned in the top five students in Japan, non-art majors.
                                  3, its own background is excellent, I hope to apply for multiple help for the famous school through the professional services of Baili.

Attached: Japan top5 colleges

name School ranking
Liberal Arts Ranking 1. The University of Tokyo (Guo Gong Li) / Keio University (private)
                                        2. Kyoto University (Guo Gong Li) / Waseda University (private)
                                        3. Osaka University (National Public) / Sophia University (Private)
                                        4. Yiqiao University (only for agreement schools)
                                        5. Nagoya University
                                        6. Northeastern University (in the case of being unable to apply for a bridge university)
Science and Engineering Professional Ranking 1. The University of Tokyo (Guo Gong Li) / Keio University (private)
                                        2. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Guo Gong Li) / Waseda University (private)
                                        3. Kyoto University (National Public) / Sophia University (Private)
                                        4. Osaka University
                                        5. Northeastern University
Business Professional Ranking 1. The University of Tokyo (only for applying for finance/business engineering) (Guo Gong Li) / Keio University (private)
                                        2. Kyoto University (Guo Gong Li) / Waseda University (private)
                                        3. Yiqiao University (only for agreement schools) (Guo Gong Li) / Shangzhi University (private)
                                        4. Osaka University
                                        5. Nagoya University
                                        6. Tohoku University (in the case of being unable to apply for the University of Tokyo)
                                        7. Kobe University (Unable to apply for the University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University)
Medical professional ranking 1. The University of Tokyo (National Public)
                                        2. Kyoto University (national public)
                                        3. Osaka University (national public)
                                        4. Northeastern University
                                        5. Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Product advantages

Teacher team, quality teacher Many-to-one service team Multi-faceted software and hardware background

Deeply mine valuable information Comprehensive customary school application planning plan Document planning transparent

Experienced in magnetic Interview counseling Visa guidance

product content
1) Background upgrade service stage a, background assessment analysis brainstorming
                                        b. Background improvement overall planning and time planning
                                        c. Background improvement overall planning plan landing assistance and advice
2) Application for study abroad                                         a, colleges and universities apply for master planning and time planning
                                        b, intentional professional positioning and recommendations
                                        c. Target institution positioning and recommendations
                                        d. Selection and determination of various batches of colleges and universities
                                        e, paperwork planning
                                        f, resume planning and production
                                        g, referee selection and recommendation letter design and production
                                        h, research plan guidance and translation proofreading
                                        i, set of magnetic letter planning and production
                                        j, college interviews planning explanation, mock interview and guidance
                                        k. Explanation and guidance on the handling of funds certification
                                        l, transcripts to explain and guide
                                        m. Explain and guide the handling of proof of proof or graduation certificate
                                        n, other related application materials explain and guide
                                        o, delivery instructions and guidance
3) Visa application service stage a. Planning and guidance for the application for residence status
                                        b. Explanation and guidance on the delivery of the application materials for residence status
                                        c. Dormitory application guidance
                                        d. Analysis of visa background
                                        e. Visa material preparation advice and guidance
                                        f, visa material submission guidance
4) Pre-departure guidance service stage (value-added gift service) a, go to the day to prepare materials and go to the daily guidance
                                        b. Guidance on baggage preparation
                                        c. Precautions for taking the flight and guiding documents for admission
                                        d, go to Japan to log in to apply for guidance
client feedback