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Product introduction
name American Undergraduate - Venus Project
Producer Baili Tianxia Education Group, US Academy of Sciences
Product Positioning Under the premise of in-depth analysis of the characteristics of American undergraduate applications and the preferences of admissions officers, the United States Academy of Sciences of the Bailey World Education Group has applied for a comprehensive project for elite schools that are determined to apply for the top 20 outstanding students in the United States.
Program purpose For the need to study abroad, that is, the background improvement, professional, school determination, paper writing, school application, pre-service visa service, the University of Guangzhou provides quality study abroad products.
Suitable for the crowd
1. Expect to enroll in a prestigious school, the school is positioned as a comprehensive ranking TOP20;
                        2. Expect to use excellent resources to bring your background and instruments closer to American characteristics;
                        3. The background is excellent, and I hope to apply for the help of the famous schools through the professional services of Baili.

Attached: American comprehensive TOP20 college admission criteria

name Specific requirements
Standardized test compliance Language test: TOEFL is better than 110 points (no less than 26 points in a single item)
IELTS: 7.5+ (single item no less than 7)
SAT1: Suggested 1550+ (750+800)
ACT: 35 points + (English is not less than 33 points)
SAT2: There must be at least 2 SAT2 scores and 2 mathematics exams.
How to apply for a small enough score
GPA compliance It is recommended to apply for 3.9+/4.0 or 97+/100. How to apply for GPA less than 3.9
Rich software background Overseas recruiting officers focus on not only scores, but also related internships and research experiences.
Overseas study background, background of public welfare activities, special hobbies, etc.
How to improve software strength
Application documents have characteristics Personal resumes, personal statements, letters of recommendation, with personal highlights. I want to polish the paperwork
Easily respond to interviews Interview is an important level in the application for studying abroad. How to get the interview recognition is the key to your offer! What are the interview counseling content?
Product advantages

Help TOP20 application Software and hardware background improvement plan Brainstorming Five-stage background improvement plan

Featured document planning Deeply mine valuable information Personalized time planning

Comprehensive customary school application planning plan Deep participation in the application process Strong professional faculty lineup

Head teacher responsibility system Service multi-party control Magnetic follow-up

product content
1) Background upgrade service stage a, science curriculum - efficient planning; b, brainstorming - knowing ourselves and knowing each other;
                                c, software project - improve the background; d, process and stare - ensure the effect
2) Prestigious school application planning stage a, science courses - efficient application; b, document planning - deep mining;
                                    c, the manager checks the security - peace of mind; d, school application - comprehensive guidance;
                                    e, interview counseling - escort; f, alumni alliance - learn to use;
3) Full escort a, activity planning; b, document planning;
                                 c, proofreading and interview
4) Summer course application
client feedback