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  • Chinese teaching interview counseling is not limited
  • American famous school admissions officer interview guidance
  • Guide to comprehensive quality improvement before going abroad
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Product introduction
name American Middle School - Soaring Plan
Producer Gabriel World Education Group North American High School
Product Positioning The "America's Middle School Soaring Program" is a prestigious university application program tailored to students who are determined to apply for a high-quality boarding school in the United States on the premise of in-depth analysis of US secondary school applications and admissions characteristics.
Program purpose The purpose of the study is to provide comprehensive study services, namely background improvement, school confirmation, interview guidance, paper writing, school application, admission follow-up, pre-visit line and other services to provide quality study abroad products. On the one hand, the project helps students to successfully apply for the ideal colleges. On the other hand, through the one-on-one teaching guidance, the students can fully develop and prepare for studying abroad.
Suitable for the crowd
1. Expect to enroll in a US high school;
                        2. The background is excellent, and I hope to apply for the help of the famous schools through the professional services of Baili.

Attachment: Five standards for studying in the US secondary school

name Specific requirements
Rational planning Timeliness: early counseling, early growth
Rationality: According to the time node of the US secondary school application, reasonable arrangement of interview and application submission time
How to plan application time
Hardware score GPA at school: the embodiment of academic foundation and learning ability
English language scores: the embodiment of students' English proficiency, including TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
Standardized test scores: the embodiment of students' academic and thinking skills, including SSAT, SAT, etc.
View specific grade requirements
Software background Extracurricular activities: reflecting student organizational skills, leadership, social responsibility, etc.
Honor Award: Reflecting students' achievements and abilities in a certain area
Special hobby: reflecting the unique personality and comprehensive quality of students
Why do you want to improve the software background?
College match School orientation: In-depth analysis of school characteristics, positioning and matching institutions in combination with students' own needs and characteristics View the list of US high school
Full display Material display: tap the characteristics of students and create personalized application materials such as documents and auxiliary materials.
Interview show: Guide students to fully demonstrate their own advantages based on the characteristics of the school
Personalized application materials display
Product advantages

VIP service Senior American Middle School Expert Service Team Many-to-one service system

Personalized time planning Comprehensive customary school application planning plan

Rich American high school famous school case Scientifically locate and match institutions American Admissions Officer Interview Counseling

Chinese teaching interview counseling unlimited times Scientific guidance for school planning

Department manager controls the quality of school selection programs and documents US Middle School and American Summer School apply simultaneously

Project management

product content
1) Background upgrade service stage                                     a. Study abroad background to improve brainstorming and analysis of advantages and disadvantages
                                    b. Full time planning for study abroad, including study planning, exam planning, background improvement planning, study application planning, etc.
                                    c. Background upgrade plan execution, recommended matching software activities or short-term products
                                    d, event organization planning and guidance
                                    e, American secondary school summer school planning and application guidance
2) School matching service stage a, selection of school factors and factors suggestion b, target college positioning and detailed explanation
c. Case analysis and explanation of successful school selection d, program selection and determination of each batch of colleges and universities
3) Visa application service stage                                 a. Explanation and guidance on the handling of funds
                                    b. Explanation and guidance of transcripts
                                    c. Explain and guide the proof of handling
4) Writing stage of writing a, clerical thinking brainstorming b, ESSAYS or personal statement planning and guidance
c, referee selection and recommendation letter writing guidance d, resume writing guidance
e, senior teacher and manager proofreading f, other application auxiliary materials production guidance
5) Interview and guidance service stage a, apply for a school interview appointment b, visit school planning and route development
                                c. One-on-one interview guidance for various interview types, such as Villik interview guidance
                                d, Chinese education interview guidance is unlimited
6) School application service stage a, college applications to fill in the guidance b, study abroad to send points guidance
c, material delivery guidance d, college admission tracking and feedback
e. Final admission suggestions and guidance
7) Visa application service stage a, visa background analysis b, personalized visa program design and planning
c. Visa material preparation advice and guidance d. Visa appointment advice and guidance
e, visa simulation training
8) Pre-departure guidance service stage a, accommodation arrangements in the United States b, preparation materials before the United States and general guidance to the United States
c. Physical examination process and precautions guidance d. Guidance on baggage preparation
e, flight precautions guidance f, guidance for admission to the school
g, landing pick-up service
9) Value-added services a, face-to-face exchanges with American high school admissions officers in the country b, excellent students who have gone abroad to share
c. Large-scale new farewell party d. Comprehensive quality improvement course before going abroad
e, university application planning design f, course selection guidance
client feedback