Cambridge University, Oxford University, University College London, Imperial College of Technology, London School of Economics and Political Science and the "G5 Super Elite" (G5 Super Elite), also known as the "Golden Diamond Five School", also known as the Golden Triangle, Gold diamond triangle. It represents the UK's top scientific research strength, teacher and student quality, and economic strength. The G5 ranks among the top five universities in the UK, with Cambridge University, Oxford University, University College London and Imperial College of Technology occupying the top ten universities in the world.

Most popularBritish G5 School

The most fascinating university in the UK, and these celebrities are alumni!

British G5 admissions have declined year by year.

Bailey is still in the worldG5 admission grand slam

In the past season of the past, the new "miracle" of Bailey students was born again!

Note: The above data is from the Baili world case system, as of April 12, 2018.

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4Major class100Multiple subdivisions

Oxford, Cambridge
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Master's admission rate95%the above

Undergraduate admission rate90%the above

Finance, management, sociology, media, etc.
 Professional admission rate95%the above

Pre-university admission rate100%

85%Students apply to TOP30 schools

Returning to study, students are all over the countryindustry


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