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  • financial

    Full coverage of financial elite schools

    Harvested from Princeton University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc.

    Learn about financial schools
  • Financial engineering

    Full coverage of financial engineering elite schools

    Harvest Carnegie Mellon University, New York City University Baruch College, etc.

    Learn about financial engineering
  • accounting

    Full accounting of accounting majors

    Harvest of the University of Notre Dame, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the University of Southern California, etc.

    Learn about accounting schools
  • marketing

    Full coverage of marketing schools

    The first-ranked Northwestern University has 2-3 admissions every year, and won the Doctor of Marketing Award.

    Learn about marketing schools
  • MBA

    Full coverage of MBA schools

    Specialized first, Stanford University full award case; industry full award case

    Learn about MBA schools
  • MIS

    MIS professional schools full coverage

    Harvested from the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, Cornell University, etc.

    Learn about MIS schools
  • human resource Management

    Full coverage of human resources management schools

    Master of Human Resources Awards

    Understand the HR Management School
  • Business analysis

    Business analysis

    Received offers from Duke University, Wake Forest University, Emory University, etc.

    Learn about business analytics
  • Logistics management

    Full coverage of logistics management schools

    Harvest logistics management, University of Southern California, etc.

    Learn about logistics management schools
  • statistics

    Statistical school full coverage

    Harvesting offers from Yale University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, etc.

    Learn about statistical schools
  • Actuarial

    Actuarial school full coverage

    Harvest Columbia University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Boston University, etc.

    Learn about actuarial schools
  • Hotel management

    Hotel management prestigious school full coverage

    Ranked first in Cornell University and won the Doctor of Hospitality Award

    Learn about hotel management schools
  • Sports management

    Sports management elite school full coverage

    Harvested at Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, etc.

    Learn about sports management schools
  • real estate

    Full coverage of real estate schools

    Harvested from Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, etc.

    Learn about real estate schools
  • Operations research

    Full coverage of operations research schools

    Harvesting Columbia University and other offers

    Learn about the famous school of operations research

Rich social practice project resources targeted software background

Establishing an overseas alumni staff system to form an independent university

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  • Curriculum planning consultant

    Planning teaching programs, efficient preparation

  • Test planner

    High score coaching process implementation

  • Assistant teacher

    Learn to practice the whole process

  • Social practice consultant

    Help improve software background

  • Social practice planner

    Background improvement and planning

  • Prestigious school planning instructor

    Career planning and selection

  • Application planner

    Application planning and guidance

  • Overseas Student Service

    Help you prepare for travel and adapt to study abroad

  • Study abroad consultant

    Background assessment, develop a total solution

  • head teacher

    Project management
    Layer node control

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