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The competition for studying in the US has become hot

The number of people studying liberal arts continues to increase

Number of international students applying for liberal arts in American universities

Source: American International Education Association

From 2014 to 2016, the increase in the number of applicants was historical, followed by education education and psychology Psychology. This is related to the employment trend in the United States. In addition, the majors of law, social sciences, communication and journalism are also the majors applied by Chinese students in recent years. The application for the American Language and Social Science Department accounts for 17% of the applications for studying in the United States. The competitive pressure is relatively large. Students who want to apply must prepare in advance and plan well.

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Art-based study abroad is growing rapidly

Source: Open Door Report (2016)

Since the 2009/2010 school year, art majors have sprung up in recent years. The number of students studying art and applied arts in the United States has the highest growth rate, showing a rapid growth momentum. In the past seven years, it has increased from 3,574 to 21,356, an increase of six times. More and more Chinese students who are interested in the direction of art and design have chosen to go to the United States for further study.

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Increased difficulty in application is inevitable
  • Admission standards for prestigious schools continue to rise
    University of California, Berkeley, Chinese students TOFEL scores
    Grade classification 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    TOFEL minimum score 100 100 97 99 106
    TOFEL highest score 114 112 119 115 119
    TOFEL average score 105 106 108 109 113

    Note: The average TOEFL score for Chinese candidates in 2016 is 79 points.

  • The admission rate of prestigious schools continues to decline
    American Ivy League college admissions
    2011 admission rate 2016 admission rate 2017 admission rate
    overall International student
    Harvard University 6.17% 5.22% 5.20% 0.59%
    Columbia University 6.93% 6.04% 5.84% --
    Princeton University 8.50% 6.46% 8.40% 0.73%
    Brown University 8.70% 9.01% 8.32% 0.90%
    Dartmouth College 10.10% 10.52% 10.40% 1.20%
    University of Pennsylvania 12.26% 9.41% 9.15% --
    Yale University 7.35% 6.27% 6.91% --
    Cornell University 17.96% 13.96% 12.52% 1.10%

    Data source: According to the official website of each university

According to the "2016 Fall International Postgraduate Application and Study Report", the number of US graduate student applications submitted by Chinese students accounted for 38% of the total number of international students, and China has once again become the largest source of applications for graduate programs in the United States. What followed was that the admission standards of American universities also rose.

In recent years, the standardization of scores, especially for middle and high-end students, has improved significantly. Therefore, whether you can enter the top 20 schools in the future, the requirements for students' documents, interviews, and soft power are getting higher and higher. Therefore, on the basis of standardized test scores, students should focus on enriching their after-school activities and improving their overall competitiveness from the perspective of soft power.

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